Monday, November 23, 2009

Spurs vs Jazz

So from my other post you all know that Thursday night I went to the Spurs game with Kandis and her fam and I left poor old John at home by himself. Boo Hoo John. Well aside from trying to get to the game - a total of 3 stalled vehicles, 1 major accident and 1 minor one were in my way - it was awesome! Any time you guys have extra tickets Kandis let us know!

Tip off


The one big difference is that my shots came out much more blurry than they do when I sit up top. I took and deleted a lot more pictures than usual. I really need to learn to use the settings on my camera...


I like the 2 almost invisible players in this one


This is almost what our view was like the whole game. I was constantly yelling at the refs to get out of my shot!


I don't know how these guys can rub up on eachother when they're all hot and sweaty. I'd probably foul people quite a bit for doing that. One more reason why this nearly 6 foot girl from Indiana never played basketball...


Speaking of Indiana basketball did you know that my elementary school gym (they actually used it for more than elementary school sports) was where they filmed scenes from the movie Hoosiers?

Bonner goes up for a free throw


Close games are the ones I love. We were just behind at the half.


Butt shot! You can also see the pads the guys wear underneath their uniforms. Something I never noticed before.


Here's me and Kandis


Another blurry but cool one


During a time out the Coyote came out with a teddy bear and wearing a Snuggie


Throughout the game he would harass the security guards. Those guys never flinched. Some may have futures at Buckingham Palace.


and we're tied going in to the 4th quarter


The one downside to really close games? The last few minutes turns into the two teams fouling eachother.


With just under a minute half left we were only down by one point


The Coyote even prayed


More free throws....yawn


and the Spurs lose. :(


Here's Kandis and I with our signs. I even made it on to the jumbo tron in the first quarter (but not onto TV)


See! John still made it to the game in a way!



  1. Great pics! Love the sign! Matt would've killed me if I'd done that to him. He's no fun!

  2. Looks like it was a lot of fun! Love the signs.

  3. John the HusbandNov 23, 2009, 5:09:00 PM

    sniffle... wish i could go to the Spurs game on the fourth row... sniffle

  4. Oh shut up babe! You know you loved your sign! It's like you were there...only you weren't! :)

  5. Glad you had a good time! :o)

    Sorry, John ;o)

  6. I was at the game and saw this sign in the first quarter. I was like aww that's so sweet. Had no idea I read the sign owner's blog. lol


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