Sunday, November 01, 2009

Spurs Season Opener

One of John's birthday presents was 2 tickets to the season opener of the Spurs. We played the New Orleans Hornets which usually means a great game. We won, but it was a little boring since we maintained a 10 to 15 point lead throughout the game. Oh well! We had some VERY entertaining people sitting up in the cheap seats with us!

Go Spurs Go!




During halftime these roller skating guys performed. Can't remember who they are, but they're on MTV.

You can hear one of the rowdy guys we sat by yelling during the video. They gave out free shirts to everyone at the game and people were taking the shirts from the empty seats.

They also honored the McAllister Little Leaguers that went to the Little League World Series.





Spurs Win!


We've got 4 Championships, let's go for 5!



  1. Cheap seats!?! Then you must have a great camera because those pics were really good and up-close!

  2. It's a good camera! :) Although there really isn't a bad seat in the entire stadium. That's one of the things I enjoy about going to the games. We've sat in the highest tier, the last row, our backs to the wall of the stadium and still had a great view of the game.

  3. Man, I wish we had a pro team of ANY sort around here! Going to games looks like so much fun...

    PS- I like the layout :)


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