Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Black Friday Madness

This year for the first time in forever I decided to not go out in the wee hours of the morning and hit up the early bird specials. I composed my lists of gift items, compared them to the ads and only one person had two items that were on sale. Combined they were two really lame gifts so I decided to sleep in. It was fabulous!

Before I talk about how I spent my Black Friday I have to tell you about the craziness that was finding a newspaper at 7pm on Thanksgiving day. I headed to my parent's house on Wednesday and totally forgot to tell John to pick up a paper on his way out of town so I was stuck driving around trying to find a paper. I took a wrong turn out of our neighborhood and ended up driving pretty much the entire Northwest side of San Antonio trying to find a paper. I just Google Map'd my route and I drove 21 freaking miles to find a stupid newspaper!

I eventually ended up at the place where I had originally planned to start, and the stupid gas station had closed only minutes before I got there. I'm not kidding when I tell you that my face and hands were pressed up against the window of the store just staring at the giant pile of newspapers. I totally would have taken a rock and busted a window if there weren't a ton of people in the parking lot. Could you imagine that news headline? "Woman on quest to find Black Friday ads breaks into convenience store." My mom would have been so proud! I hit up the gas station next door and they also had a glorious pile of newspapers. Note to self - next time when you're driving around like a crazy person, go to the rich side of town where all the people have their papers delivered. Lesson learned.

I finally rolled out of bed Friday morning at 10am. It was fabulous! I grab my laptop and head straight to the couch to do some online shopping. 3pm rolls around and I'm browsing the Wal-Mart ad that somehow didn't make it into my paper and see there is a KitchenAid stand mixer for $139. It's all I can think about! So at 3pm I throw on a baseball cap and some sandals and head out on a quest to find the KitchenAid. I start at the Wal-Mart by my house and as luck would have it! Only, it's not the same one in the ad. I was crushed. So I head off to the next Wal-Mart that doesn't have a single KitchenAid left in the entire store. Then a 3rd one where they also have the wrong one.

I'm about to give up at this point and start to head home. Well, except when I realized there was another Wal-Mart one exit away and so I decide to stop. On my way in I tell myself, "I don't know what I'm even bothering. I doubt they even have it. In fact I'm not ever going to bother with a cart this time" and I head over to the kitchen aisle. I get to the mixer aisle and there on the ground is my much sought after KitchenAid. Only there's a woman with a full cart standing there. Her back is turned, she has a hand on her cart and she's talking with her husband about whether or not they need some microwave. The KitchenAid is sitting there staring at me from the ground right by her cart. I'm not sure if it was her's or not, but anything on the ground is fair play in my book. I grabbed that sucker up and booked it to the checkout aisle! You snooze you lose!

So I got my lovely KitchenAid. I may or may not have stolen it right out from under some lady's nose. I don't care. I have no place to put the thing and so it's residing as a centerpiece on my kitchen table. I wonder if John will let me leave it there while we eat our belated Thanksgiving today....


  1. Woohoo!!! We love our KitchenAid mixer! Enjoy your new mixer and your belated Thanksgiving dinner.

  2. Awesome! I'm still waiting on Pioneer Woman to type my name on her many kitchenaid wiener's list!

  3. This is why I check out the ads online!

    Way to go about the KA--I agree that anything on the floor is totally fair game unless that person has an appendage touching the item!

  4. John the HusbandNov 29, 2009, 8:32:00 PM

    I am so happy that you got your KA thingy so that I don't have to hear anymore about how much you want one. :) You totally out-shopped that lady at Walmart!! P.S. Thanks for not dragging me with you on your newspaper quest.


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