Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Julie's Wedding - Before and After the Ceremony

So we arrived in Victoria on Friday afternoon and headed to the country clup to help set up the tables which you saw in the post below. Then it was time to change and head over to the church for the rehersal. That's when Stephanie got stuck in the backseat of my car as seen in the first wedding post. We all knew that Karl was going to cry, so me being the crazy that I am, practiced jumping and skipping and even shook my booty in Karl's direction and said, "if I come down that aisle and you look like you're going to cry, I'm going to do that on your wedding day." Well, on the wedding day we settled for a little wink instead. I'm sure the minister was quite relieved since he also had a front seat view of my booty shakin'.

One we were rehearsed we headed over to dinner at a local restaurant. One of the waiter's accidentally spilled a tea down the back of the groom's mom - wowza! Coincenditally, Julie went to high school with the guy and the girl that did my makeup the following day was his girlfriend. Small town huh?

Afterwards we stopped at Target to buy those super cool wine juice boxes and some shorts for me to wear to the pool. That's where this awesome picture was taken.


Hung out for a bit and then I checked out of the party early since I was exhausted.

The next morning after I awoke John from his pillow fort, the ladies headed over to the bride's house for a luncheon. Julie had just come from a spray tan and we were checking out our hands for any hint of orange.

Then I was off for hair and makeup. Small town meant cash or check only so after quick run to an ATM I met back up with Stephanie and Erin at the hair salon. Here's mine

Before we knew it we were at the church getting ready




This one was the photographers idea and I popped in there and caught it too


We all went "AWH! Julie's a bride!"


After some pictures it was showtime! Here are the guys waiting for us


All the pretty ladies


and us waiting for Julie and her dad


During the Ceremony


One of the cutest guests at the wedding!


He was also my dance partner later on in the night.



The bridal party


I'll post about the reception tomorrow. I realized this was already getting too long and there's lots of reception fun!

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  1. I love pictures within pictures! I have two of those from our wedding...one is of my sister holding out her arm to take our picture and then the photog caught that. Can't wait to hear all about the reception!


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