Sunday, November 15, 2009

Is it really almost Monday?

I'm so not ready for the week to start. This weekend we had John's nieces overnight and they were exhausting! John had to work so I had them for 3 hours by myself before he got home. I was SO HAPPY to see him! Sometimes older kids are harder than babies because they need constant entertainment. John is MUCH better at entertaining kids than I am. Of course we were horrible babysitters and the girls watched a total of 5 Disney movies in the less than 24 hours that we had them. Oops! But seriously, they had NEVER seen the original Cinderella so it was about time!

Rufus is as big of a PITA as ever. Speaking of butts, he actually he has the stinkiest butt on the planet. We recently changed their dog food and it's given him the worst gas ever! I would have thought he'd be used to it by now, but I guess not. He's had several accidents recently which is strange because he hadn't had any since we got him a few months ago. He still hates his crate and will go absolutely psycho on a bedroom door if he accidentally gets locked in (he hides under the bed a lot). Yep. Just an all around joy!

Had Bunco night with the Nest girls (and the non-Nest additions we've added) on Thursday. Only we don't really play Bunco anymore, but at least I won a whole $1.25 at Left, Right, Center. Deanna and I also met up and had some of the best wine I've had in a long time at Houlihan's before heading to Bunco. Somehow we ended the night MUCH later than usual and I didn't get home until almost 11 on a school night. I think on Friday night I fell asleep at about 8. Yeah. I can hang with the best of them, let me tell you!

This coming weekend I'm taking Deanna with me to College Station for the A&M v. Baylor game. Well, we're not exactly going to the game, we're just tailgating. My fraternity is having an alumni weekend. John still doesn't get the fraternity involvement and I'm sure he wouldn't get college football tailgating so Deanna's coming with. She's an Aggie and is really excited to be going back for the first time since graduation. I'm a tailgating virgin so it should be fun!


  1. I love tailgating! Sorry that Rufus' butt stinks...hope it gets better!

  2. We are totally guilty of the Disney-Movie-Marathons when we babysit as well!

    Also, I am so not ready for it to be Monday either!


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