Monday, November 02, 2009

I Tweeted The Pioneer Woman and she Tweeted Back

The Cast:

Me: The one that got the date wrong to The Pioneer Woman's cookbook signing in Austin

My friend Erin: Excited about going to the book signing. Her mother even preorded cookbooks for Erin to take with her in case Bookpeople doesn't have enough copies the day of.

My friend Julie: Who has promised to not leave Erin and I behind and go to another book signing of someone we love like she did when she went to see Dooce without telling us.

The Pioneer Woman: At the very least read the cooking section of her blog or visit her Tasty Kitchen site. Tons of great recipes

Twitter: I moved my Twitter feed tab over to the new side bar so you can follow along if you're not already following me on Twitter. I heart Twitter. You will never understand it until you try it.

The Story:

This morning before my staff meeting I caught up on Twitter (I manage our work account and use a nifty tool called TweetDeck that allows you to manage multiple accounts at once. It's not like I was totally slacking). Julie had mentioned a recipe that The Pioneer Woman had tweeted about:


I replied to Julie and Erin with:


Then quickly corrected myself when I thought, "That must totally suck for her to be in Denver one day and Austin the next." and "How am I going to manage this the week of Julie's wedding and with everything else going on?" and "How has no one else mentioned this since it is the week of Julie's wedding?"


Erin I guess hadn't thought about it because she replied with


regarding my correction.

Then I headed off to my meeting. I came back to find a response from The Pioneer Woman


and these two responses from my friends:


I even called two of my coworkers and said, "The Pioneer Woman just tweeted back to me! We're totally BFF's! Be jealous!"

I then thanked The Pioneer Woman


and have been laughing at my friends all morning. It was a funny thing to come back to after my meeting.

If you are a fan and want her to sign a cookbook you can visit her during her book tour. Here's the link in case you've somehow missed it!


  1. Love it!

    The PW cookbook is definitely on my Christmas list this year!

  2. Seriously cool! I'd have been jumping up and down. :)

  3. That is so cool! You are super famous now!!!

  4. That's super awesome! I would be freaking out too!!! Have fun seeing her.


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