Monday, November 23, 2009

Hi. My Name's Faith, and I'm a PC.

Don't get me wrong. I have been LUSTING over a Mac since April. I worked a conference here and one of the guys had one and I absolutely positively fell in love with it. I wanted to buy one of those bad boys right away and use it for photo-editing. Well you know...once I learned to properly use my camera and some form of photo-editing software that is...However once I went to the store and had one of the techie guys showing it to me I was kind of turned off. I loved the ease of use, but I hated that I was tied down to using "Apple" this or "I" that to do it all. I like variety and I like not having to buy into one brand. Sigh.....I still think they're absolutely awesome and if someone were to drop one into my lap I definitely wouldn't turn it down! Plus my poor little old Dell is quickly filling up it's memory and is slow as all get out, but I'll probably end up buying another Dell in a year or so. "Dude! You're gettin' a Dell." Anyone? No?

ANYWAYS back to my recent Apple store experience. John and I are also Zune owners and not I-Pod owners so my only experience really with the Apple store is the one time I was bored and wandered in there and the time I went to lust over a Mac. It was John's niece's 16th birthday party on Saturday and she's saving up to buy herself a Mac so we decided we'd get her a gift card. I walk into the store and look around aimlessly for the check-out counter that I knew was there on one of my previous two trips to the store. There's the 80 million product tables and the desk where they help you fix all your computer problems, but no check-out counter. Hmmmm....

I finally get one of the I'm so cool I work at the Apple store guys' attention. He's talking on a little radio that's hidden in his shirt and I'm glaring at him until he's done. Only he stops talking, keeps holding the radio and glares back at me.
Me: "Are you done?"
Too Cool for You Apple Guy #1: looks at me to process this question, drops his shirt collar back down: "Yeah. Do you need help?"
Me: "Yes. I need to buy a gift card."
TCFYAG1: Grabs shirt/radio " and so....can you send so and so over here to help this lady with a gift card?" Walks off....
TCFYAG2: "Can I help you"
Me: "Yeah. I need to buy a gift card."
TCFYAG2: **Blink. Blink**
Me: **Stare**
TCFYAG2: "Hmmm....ok....." Wanders to nearby table. "Here you go! How much do you need?"
Me: "$25"
TCFYAG2: "Alright. Here you go." Hands me $25 I-Tunes gift card
Me: "No. I want to buy a gift card. I don't want to buy music. This can only be used for music right?"
TCFYAG2: "Ummmm...."
Me: "My niece is saving up to buy a computer and we want to contribute towards that so I want to get her a gift card. Is this all you have? Should I just give her cash?"
TCFYAG2: "Ummm.....hold on...." Wanders around the room. Picks something up. Consults TCFYAG3 and comes back. "Ok. This is what you need." Holds up Apple Gift Card "I forget that we even have these! 99% of the time people just want I-Tunes."
Me to self: If I wanted I-Tunes I would have gone to Target or I would have said I want to buy I-Tunes. Whatever. 20 minute GC buying experience. I'm going to need some major retail therapy after this....

Then he basically takes out what looks like a suped up I-Phone, swipes my credit card on it and asks if I'd like a printout of my receipt or would I like it emailed to me. time I might just go with cash...


  1. I had this experience too! I bought a replacement Ipod dock for my shuffle..they tried to give me something for the big Ipod. I think they are secretly androids and are not human, that's why they don't understand the simple questions

  2. That's crazy! I have an old iPod, but I bought it at Best Buy so I've never had an Apple experience. Not so sure I want to....

  3. In one of my classes for my Masters, we had to do a presentation on Dell. Every slide would be "Dude, you're getting STRENGTHS." (For a SWOT analysis). It was funny. I would be so pissed and beyond irritated if that was me. Matt would have already left me to hide in the car because I would have definately channelled the inner bitch.

  4. I love macs and use one at work and at home, but that's crazy! They need some training in customer service!


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