Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Full Lamb Review and Conversations with John

I finished the book last night and it was fabulous! It's definitely up there as one of my most favorite books of all time. I'm probably going to go out and buy a copy for myself, but I told John I want the special edition version. I highly recommend it!

Now a Conversation with John

John: Your....I mean MY blog post has like 8 comments.
Me: Really?
John: Yeah, people like me!
Me to myself in a John voice once he's left the room: They like me! They really like me!

As he said in a follow-up comment he could play this game all day long. He really, truly could. I've been trying to get him to write his own blog or at least do a guest blog on here every now and then, maybe this is a baby step for him!

ETA the following Conversation with John:

John *singing*: Your fri-ends like me! Your fri-ends like me! Your blog is co-ol beca-ause they like me!
Me: Oh really? How many comments do you have?
John: There were 8 and then I did mine and then someone else said I totally made their Wednesday night!
He then did a "My Precious" move that I'm sure almost none of you will get because you've never seen LOTR. Go ask your husband and I'm sure he could do it for you.

Thanks for making John's night as well everyone! If you haven't commented on the post below, please do so. Maybe I can get video of him doing a dance to "Your fri-ends like me!"

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  1. Seriously, after that post, Matt would not stop talking about LOTR or Star Wars!!! "Babe, we really need to get those movies." "Maybe your sister can get those for me for Christmas?" "We'll have to watch them together." "That was such a hard question because they are both really good." So thanks John for getting my husband talking and talking and talking...

    I'm sure Matt will play again! Congrats on your 8 comments John!


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