Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Garden,

Please die.

Thank you.

Much love,


But seriously though. My little container garden just plain won't die. Had I known that this would actually go on for a WHOLE YEAR I may have not planted the thing back in February.

I realize now that it's been a very long time since I last posted about the garden, at least with pictures. What were once lush green plants are no more. My plants survived the insane heat of the summer and started blooming like crazy. Now the plants just won't die! Take for instance the green beans.


I really didn't get any kind of harvest from these because it was just too dang hot. I'm going to find a more heat tolerant variety for next year, but they started looking very sad mid summer (much like how they do now). I just plain stopped watering this plant a month ago. I just gave up. I went out yesterday and found that it still had the nerve to bloom!


There were little baby green beans all over that stinkin' plant! Grrr.....

Then there's the zucchini plant.


You can't quite tell in this picture, but to the left of the big leaves are a dead zucchini plant and a ton of dead leaves. There is also a dead plant behind the center leaves. This portion of the plant though? It just refuses to die. All of this is new growth and there's even a little male flower on there.


Now there are the sad, sad bell pepper plants. Most of the leaves have fallen off of them. (Next year I'll cage them. I had no idea they'd get so tall!)


When the weather cooled off these suckers when NUTS! I've had bell peppers coming out my ears there were so many. I leave them on the plants until I can use them which is why these are all red now. A look up close though


and yep! They're blooming again. WTF!? Hey plants! It's almost DECEMBER! Freaking DIE already!!!

Now on to the very sad and pathetic looking tomato plants. (I will be buying much taller cages for next year)


While I'm REALLY happy to finally get some decent sized tomatoes (all I got during the summer if any were about cherry tomato sized). I wish they would turn red already. These have been green FOR.EV.ER.


Oh and a closer inspection of these (even the really dead ones on the left) and there are signs of new growth!



So yeah. Wow. So ready to be done! I can't bring myself to stop watering the plants that have veggies still on them, but I wish they'd all be done by now. This is kind of ridiculous! Anyone else still have plants that are alive?


  1. I feel your pain. Our tomato and jalepenos plants would.not.stop.blooming!!! But I couldn't not pick them so I kept taking jalepenos to work for this guy. The tomatoes wouldn't turn red so they were having new plants but couldn't eat them. You could try fried green tomatoes. Anyways, I came home from work one day and Matt dug up the whole garden so it is now done. I acted upset but secretly I was relieved. Good luck killing off your plants!

  2. I'll take a pepper plant if you don't want it!

  3. I have to admit...I intentionally let our plants die several months ago because I was just tired of them!

  4. WE replanted for the fall, but left our bell pepper plant. Ours is the same as yours...once the weather turned cool, we got a ton...and still are! It looks like a tree now!


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