Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Weddings and a Funeral

That's what the past week or so has been for me, well with a little bachelorette and birthday party planning worked in there.

My first wedding was on the 3rd. I was sick for this wedding. I took the Friday before off because I was sick, but went to the rehearsal like a trooper and didn't let on that I was sick or that John was also sick. It was a gorgeous wedding that I have no pictures of. The couple was very cute. I also had my first ever mess up during a ceremony. My line was, "may they ever remain caring and encouraging" and I said "may they never remain...*smile and laugh* may they EVER remain *huge laugh from all the guests and couple*" I got a lot of, "that was SUCH a great ceremony!" so I guess everyone was fine with my little mess up!

Sunday morning brought the news that my grandfather passed away. This is my mom's dad. I'm very lucky that I've grown up with 4 great grandparents and 7 grandparents. I got to spend a lot of time with 1 great grandma, met one a few times, met one when I was just a baby, and heard lot of stories about how the 4th is a cantankerous old man (this runs rampant through the male side of my dad's family). You end up with 80 million grandparents when they all divorce and remarry. I currently have 5 grandparents left, plus John has a grandma that I've never met. However, with the passing of my grandpa it means that both of my mom's parents have died so it's very sad for her and my aunts and uncle.

Now we're a big family on my mom's side. There are 17 grandkids and 23 great-grandkids. This does not include all the other aunts and uncles and cousins I have from my grandma's side though. The Reeds are a huge family that go back to the first Texas settlers. We're everywhere. Now do you see up there where it says 23 great-grandchildren? That's how many kids my brothers and all my cousins have produced. Which really mean that myself and my oldest and still unmarried brother are pretty much the only ones that haven't bothered to reproduce. Now being from Texas we also have some members of our family that are pretty loud. Being a little bit southern there are some members of my family that have absolutely no boundaries and will ask you loudly about ANYTHING. So I walk in to the viewing on Tuesday and am greeted by a loud uncle, "Hey look! Faith Anne is here! *commence bear hug* Now how you doin'? Where's that handsome husband of yours and why don't the two of you have babies yet?" This line of questioning continued for the next 2 days. One aunt attempted to explain the "birds and the bees" to me, offered up her daughter's two unused embryos, she and my youngest brother conspired to sabotage my birth control, and then she told me she was going to write me a fertility poem, or better yet a fertility song. Deflecting did not work nor did trying to get people to harass my oldest brother about why he doesn't have a girlfriend and why doesn't he get married already.

"Now why don't you two have any babies yet?"

Although I don't get to see my family a lot I do enjoy spending time with them. Like this one:


This is my oldest brother Jason. He tells me I snore, which I don't believe, and woke my up at 4 in the morning when he turned on the living room light to mess around on his computer. I responded to this with, "Do you hate me?" and "Can't you do that in the office?" Which he thought was a brilliant idea and then moved so I could go back to sleep. Ah, brothers....

Then there were these two little hellions.


Yeah, they look all sweet an innocent in their little matching dresses, but spending a few hours with them is all the birth control one could ever need. The oldest can reach a level of shrieking that could break glass. She was also glued to me and I'm sure there are several pictures out there of the two of us like this:

This is my mom's step-dad who is a big joker:


I also got to hang with my niece and nephew:


A couple of cheese balls:


Now back to the whole big family and funeral thing. We've got our own family cemetery where my grandpa was buried:


The pastor is a cousin. I think he was one of my grandpa's brother's kids. He told a great story about how he was very confused about his side of the family growing up because there was a bit of intermarriage going on and his uncle was also his grand-dad or something like that. I think they were somewhere past the 3rd cousin mark and back then things like that were a bit more acceptable.'


We buried my grandpa between his infant brother that died the same day he was born, two of his brothers and then his dad (I think there were 7 kids). There's another brother somewhere else in the cemetery and his sisters are buried in another family cemetery by their mother.


Then came time to try to get a picture of all the great-grandkids that were there. Yeah. This one was a lot of fun. You'd call one of their names and one would look away, then you'd call that one's name and someone else would look away. Then you have my niece that wants to be anywhere but her brother's lap. This was the best one I got:


Here's the whole family that was present:


I never realized how my brothers and I tower over the rest of the family (those 3 bald guys to the right of me in the picture are my brothers my parents are on either side of the pole). I also just noticed that one of my little cousin's is picking his nose. Haha! Gotta love kids!

Wedding number 2 will come later. It's a long story that almost needs it's own post!


  1. I'm sorry for your family's loss!

    I'm also sorry that you had to endure the "babies" comments all weekend. I really, really hated those questions.

  2. Sorry about your grandfather but it seems as though you had a great time with your family. Thanks for sharing these pics!


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