Thursday, October 15, 2009


So there are two big parties coming up. The first is Julie's bachelorette party. Pretty much all the prep is done for this. We had a few hiccups regarding transportation this week, but that's all worked out. On the to do list still is to clean the house, wash all the linens and towels, buy the appetizers, bake cookies and make the T-Shirts. Thankfully I'll have lots of help decorating the cookies and Erin's going to help make the T-Shirts while I quiz her on insurance questions that I'm sure will be completely over my head!

Then there's John's big 30th birthday party. I listened to absolutely NONE of his wishes regarding the party. That's pretty much how I roll with him and his birthdays though. He'd be happy having everyone over to play guitar hero and drink beer. BOR-ING! I've been telling him and our friends about my birthday party idea for months now and everyone is on board except for him. There were many conversations like this one:

Me: "...and I'm going to get a bounce house!"
John: "That's dumb and a waste of money. No one is going to jump in a bounce house."
Me: "Yes they will! It's freaking awesome!"
John: "No they won't. If you want a bounce house then you get one for your birthday."
Me: "I don't want it for my birthday. I'm doing something else entirely for my birthday (yes readers, I've have my birthday planned 6 months in advance). Besides it fits my theme of saying goodbye to your youth."
John: "I'm not old. I'm still young at heart. My youth isn't going anywhere."
Me: "It doesn't matter. It'"
Me to all our friends: "Hey! If I got a bounce house for John's birthday would you guys jump in it?"
**Resounding Hell Yeah!**
Me to John: "See! I told you it was awesome!"
**goes to research bounce houses**

So needless to say I worked on his birthday party planning and the super cool invites in between wedding planning, stripping flowers, a funeral and being harassed about not having babies by my extended family. Here are the invites I made:


I still need to buy and make all the food. Here's the menu:
Popcorn Balls
Roasted Peanuts
Caramel Apple Slices
Hot Dogs
the big doughy Pretzels
Pumpkin Fluff
and to add a green veil of health, fruit and veggie trays

Then for "games" we're doing a dress up area with all these little costume items I bought, darts, horseshoes and the bounce house. I may do a pinata if I can find one that I like that isn't 80 billion dollars. There will also be Guitar Hero because it seems we can't have a people over at our house without that being busted out. There will also be some college style drinking games once the kiddos are all gone. I don't think teaching an 8 year old to play flip cup is a wise decision.

On the to do list still is to buy and then make all the food, decide on a cake design and order it, and find a bounce house that isn't 80 million dollars and can fit into my tiny backyard. Very glad that I took a half day the Friday before!

Because of these two big events we're not having a Halloween party this year. Sorry guys. 2 big events in my house is enough for the month. I actually haven't even thought of Halloween this year! We don't even have a single decoration up. Oh well! I'll get on the holiday ball when all this craziness is over!


  1. Too bad you don't live in MO-I know of some very cheap, affordable bounce houses (I book them for work all the time). Sounds like a fun party-post lots of pictures!

  2. I LOL'd at teaching 8 year olds to play flip cup. This summer we ended up tailgating next to some college kids and started playing flippy cup against them. The two children in the group wanted to join they played with water...and were kicking our butts! We all thought it was hilarious.

    I don't turn 30 for a couple more years but I want a bounce house for my party!!

  3. LOL--Beer and guitar hero sounds like my perfect idea of a birthday party too!

  4. Sounds like so much fun! Want to plan my 30th birthday party?!?!


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