Thursday, October 29, 2009

John's Birthday Party Recap

John's big 30th birthday party this past Saturday was a lot of fun. There was a lot of prep involved, in fact I took a half day on Friday to get ready (and to pick up my bridesmaid dress for Julie's wedding).

On Thursday night Julie came over and helped me make popcorn balls (I'll post the recipe later, they were yummy and SUPER easy to make!)


Friday night John and I worked on our ticket booth guy


I also started work on John's presents. I decided to do 30 gifts for 30, about half were made up of a coupon book I made for him.


All of the coupons were clean. There wasn't anything naughty in there.


Then I filled this trash can (he's been wanting a new container for the dog food for awhile) with all the things I got him.


It's the coupon book, 2 beers that he likes, some Hawaiian coffee and a coffee grinder, 2 Spurs tickets, the dog food container and a scoop, Reese's peanut butter cups, and 3 lotto tickets. There was also a T-Shirt, but I gave it to him early so he could wear it to the party. I'll give you a cookie if you were someone not at the party and can identify what the T-shirt design is from.

John's brother and his family were the first to arrive. Matt helped get the bounce house set up. That thing was HEAVY! Thanks Matt and thank Greg for helping put it up and take it down.


While this wasn't on the party agenda, Matt and the girls had fun with it!


The girls could not WAIT to get into the bounce house though


The kids at the party bounced for 2 hours straight! I have NO IDEA how they managed it!


Then it got late and the kids had to start getting home. We decided it was time for the pinata! After the kids all had a round we let John go at it since it was his birthday.


You DO NOT want to get in the way of kids and pinata toys and candy!


Then it was time for cake and presents!


30 candles can put off a LOT of heat!


I think this is John's favorite coupon


Throughout the night we had some dress up going on





We also played a few games of Twister


and pin the tale on the Donkey



We also made it into the bounce house


Only it was really hard work bouncing


We weren't very good at it and after about 30 minutes tops were were all exhausted.


Not sure how those kids did it for 2 hours!

At the end of the night Karl entertained us with a little song and dance that John joined in on.


The party was great fun and to end this post, here's a fun picture of the birthday boy.



  1. So fun, Faith!!

    First of all, you know your readers too well. My first thought about the coupon book was, "Wonder what kind of dirty things she put in there..." LOL

    Second, the video game coupon, no questions asked cracks me up. My DH would LOVE that.

    You pulled off a great party - what a fun way to celebrate 30!!

  2. That looks like an AWESOME party! I might have to steal some of those ideas for DH's birthday. You're a great wife!!!

  3. I hope John uses the coupon book! I gave Justin one a couple of years ago, and just found it under his side of the bed...still totally in tact. Stupid boys.

    I have no idea where the t-shirt is from, but it looks like a giant Batman logo!

    Looks like a great party!


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