Sunday, October 25, 2009

Conversations with John

I had a couple other posts in mind, but decided that John's given me some good material that I need to share. In fact, John has mentioned once, "sometimes I like to say funny things so that I can make the blog."

John: You want to do anything tonight?
Me: Nah.
John: I might go play my new video game if that's alright with you.
Me: Yeah, that's fine. I can move all my stuff into the bedroom instead of the living room.
**walk to living room to retrieve glass of wine and cell phone**
John: You've had a glass of wine?
Me: Yeah. I've actually had 2. **goes to refill glass**
**A few minutes later John walks into room**
Me: Hi
John: **sits on bed** I just wanted to come in and say hi.
Me: Ok
John: so whatcha doing?
Me: Ummm...watching shows and downloading pictures...
John: That's cool. **rubs my back**
Me: thought since I had 2 glasses of wine you could come in here and get lucky?
John: **keeps rubbing back** Is that what you think?
Me: Well, we had already parted ways for the night and the only thing that's changed is you finding out I've had 2 glasses of wine so, I'm just calling it as I see it.
John: You're not horny?
Me: No. Besides, it's not like it's your actual birthday yet.
John: Well you know, you've only got a few more days to sleep with a 29 year old...


  1. I love your conversations with John posts! He is pretty funny. And I love that he admitted that he sometimes says funny things just to make it in the blog.

  2. Sounds like my husband!!! That's hilarious! Tell him about the ABCDs of sex...he will definately get it on his Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas or Drunken Nights! My old boss taught me that!?!

  3. LOL! This is hilarious!

    Also, I love the ABCD's of sex! I hadn't heard that before!

  4. Lol, you and John crack me up. Don't tell me you have already reduced him to only getting lucky on his birthday!

  5. Haha Misty! It's not THAT bad! :) Although my favorite response to "Why don't you have babies yet?" is, "We're married. We don't do THAT."

    Love the ABCD's of sex. I'm going to throw that one at him!


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