Monday, October 26, 2009

Bits and Pieces

This was the post I had originally planned on writing until John dropped the "You've had 2 1/2 glasses of wine and only have a few more days for you to be with a 29 year old" gem on me.

Yes, my husband reads my blog. Sometimes I'm bothered by it. He says if he didn't read it he would have no clue what's going on with me. I tell him I'd tell him things if he'd ever give me the chance to get a word in now and then. (Not really) My complaint is that sometimes I need to vent on here and feel like I can't because his sister reads it, I've heard his mother reads it, my friends' mothers read it, my brothers read it, my parents sometimes read it and then he reads it. His response was, "Well call Julie and talk to her about it!" While I'm sure all the people listed above know that not every marriage is perfect bliss I'm sure his sister and my brothers don't want to hear about our sex life while his mom would be doing a little dance because if we're having sex that means we're practicing for her future grandbabies. Then if there was some sort of problem, my friend's mothers would be calling my friends who would be calling me and saying, "so my mom just read such and such on your blog and wanted to make sure that everything was ok" and next thing I know the Mormons would have somehow discovered my blog and I would have the Missionaries on my door ready to do some marriage counseling and the Relief Society ladies bearing casseroles and this would all be because I wrote on my blog that I wouldn't have sex with John because I had only had TWO glasses of wine and not THREE and how DARE he not follow the new ABCD rule that I just learned.

My husband does know that I write funny things that he says or does on here. In fact that video down below? He said, "let me see it" and since I had just posted it and wanted to see it on the blog I went to pull it up and he said, "Ugh. I have to go to the BLOG to see it?" Duuude. Sorry I didn't just drop it onto your computer through our network! It's so much work to hit favorites and then The Adventures of Faith. Geez.

There are a few things that are a little off limits on here. Like, John gets mad when I talk about his "junk" even though all of our friends already know about it just like I know about all of their guy's "junk." I guess talking about it to a bunch of internet people is a little much.

I've suggested to John that he write a little something on here every now and then and he gets all weirded out that people will think he's stupid and I'm all DUDE! Did you not see the post I just did with your little dance? They already know! I think that he thinks if he writes something bad about me I might kill him. And he would be right. Although if you want to hear from the man himself I bet he would be tickled pink if you left a comment telling him so. You all know he reads this here thing so he'll see them. I'll even take a picture of him being all tickled pink.

To continue on the John topic, his birthday party was a lot of fun. A recap of the celebration is to come. We had a birthday dinner tonight with his mom and step-dad and we're not sure what we're doing tomorrow night since he has a union meeting he has to go to. They finally settled their contract, but need to vote on it so it's just a teensy bit important. Especially since with the new contract all the temporary full times are made permanent which was our major concern.

On Wednesday night we're going to the Season Opener of the Spurs. Go Spurs Go! They play the Hornets so it'll be a great game.

I got my dress in for Julie's wedding. It's a tad bit big in the boobage area (which is like a first for me). I'm going to chalk it up to the 6.2 pounds that I have lost thank you very much. I must have lost 3 in one boob and 3 in the other because it certainly did not come off my ass.

I haven't been to the gym in 3 weeks. 3 weeks! I think the most I may have missed was a week. 1 week since I joined in February. That's pretty hardcore if I do say so myself. I need to get back, but it's just been crazy around here lately.

I finally updated the On My Nightstand tab up there. I did that so I could be better and think I have only gotten worse. Oh well.

My Fantasy Football team is SUCKING. I've been bumped down to number 4 in my league. UGH! I finally got all my injured guys back and what do they do? They SUCK! Bunch of freaking losers. I need to start playing the crappy teams in my league again so I can feel better about myself.

My favorite ice cream place called me last week to let me know they have my favorite flavor of ice cream in. It's vanilla fudge maraschino and it is A-MAZ-ING. And yes, I put myself down on the Must Call When Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream is in Stock. I've been on that list for 6 months. I didn't want to go home before turning right back around and meeting John's parents for dinner so I went and had some. Then John and I went to pick up a couple of pints of it after dinner. It's sad when the teenage kid behind the counter looks and you and says, "Weren't you here a couple of hours ago?" Way to let my secret out kid!

For your amusement I leave you with another Conversation with John and for his sake it's one that makes me look bad:
**our neighbor is the guy 3 doors down that has been kicked out of the house and now hangs out in the garage - with the door open - drinking beer and yelling at whatever is on the television**

Me: How dare someone else on our street have a party the same day that we're having a party.
John: Yeah and it's got to be drunk guy next door. Look. They even parked in his yard.
Me: I hate that that guy is our neighbor.
John: You would hate anyone that was our neighbor. If Mother Teresa was our neighbor you'd hate her.
Me: Well yeah, there'd be homeless people everywhere. I rather have the drunk guy than the homeless people. Freaking Mother Teresa bringing all these homeless people into the neighborhood.


  1. Yeah for the ABCDs of sex!!! I totally understand what you mean...your blog was set up so you could write freely about whatever you want but then you have to be cautious of your readers because you don't want to piss anyone off!!! Don't feel bad about the ice cream thing, if Silky's did that-I would totally be on the list!!! They have the best Elvis Pretzely...mmm....

  2. I TOTALLY know what you mean about family members reading your blog. My family put me through the RINGER for blogging about wanting to paint Justin's childhood table. My dad gave me heck for WEEKS and kept sending me messages about how marriage is all about compromise and not being selfish. Hello, that post was about what I'd LIKE to do, not necessarily what I'm GOING to do...if it was that big of a deal to Justin or his family, I wouldn't paint the damn table. In reality, none of them really cared. But now if I do, I'm a selfish witch. Nice.

    Also, I would totally do that with an ice cream place if we had anything other than Dairy Queen around!


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