Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The 2nd Wedding

On Friday mom and I packed up the car and headed to San Antonio to drop off my car and get me some more clothes. We left Temple at 5 am and when we got to San Antonio 3 hours later (thanks to the super heavy rain) John had made breakfast for us. Isn't he a sweet husband. After a short layover we were off to South Padre. We had rain and wind the entire way, but still made great time.

We met up with the bride and groom to pick up the keys to the condo and to talk about the ceremony. We couldn't do a rehearsal because it was still raining and the ceremony was going to be on the beach. I also got to meet the dogs that would be serving as the attendants. I thought they were little chihuahuas or something, no. They had a full grown Collie and a Mastiff. HUGE dogs! They're also not the best trained dogs in the world either. The couple has been trying to work with a trainer, but didn't get along with the trainer very well. She was apparently a little crazy and would call the groom several times a day so they're back to working with the dogs on their own. Needless to say it was going to be an interesting wedding with the crazy weather and two very large and unruly dogs.

Have I ever said that I come from a family of impatient and picky eaters? I'm not in any way a picky eater and having worked in the restaurant industry for a number of years I'm also a pretty patient restaurant patron. My dad is probably one of the worst in our family. My poor mom's dining out experiences have been reduced to buffets where the waiter's only job is to constantly refill my dad's beverage. My dad is the type that determines your tip by the fullness of his cup. He considers Chili's "designer food." So whenever it's just me and my mom we go out and we go to actual sit down restaurants and we eat food that she doesn't always get to eat, like seafood. So we ate a lot of seafood on this trip. That's what we had that first night and quickly passed out from exhaustion.

We got up Saturday morning and I made a run to the Wal-Mart to pick up a few items we forgot. Mom started work on some of the wedding flowers. I got back and was tasked with the job of cleaning and prepping the flowers. Do you know how much work is involved in wedding flowers? I've done flowers a few times with my friend Erin and wholly crap I never knew how much work florists did! I've only helped Erin with the set up, she's always done the prep before I get involved, so this was a first for me. Prepping probably takes just as long as putting everything together and setting up!

We made these cute lily bowls for the shepards hooks and would later be put on the tables at the reception.


This is the bouquet my mom did.


It later took a face dive into the sand and poor mom almost lost it. In fact that was the first of the two swearwords she uttered that day. (I've probably only heard my mom swear twice before in my entire life)

Before going to the ceremony we stopped by the restaurant to set up for the reception. Here's the cake table:


and the centerpieces


Then it was time to move on to set up for the ceremony. It started misting on our way to the beach and the wind was insane. We called the bride to see if she wanted to move it to an alternate location and her response was, "We've come this far, we might as well go through with it!" So we started the set up on the beach in the gale force winds.

The ceremony began and the bride was so intent on her groom she totally bypassed the aisle we made with the shepards hooks.


Here they are saying their vows


The dogs were mostly behaving


See the sand ceremony table behind me? We had to tie the table cloth to the legs. They also insisted on having sand from the beach they were married on for the ceremony. Only when it's been raining for at least 2 days there is no dry sand on the beach. So needless to say the sand didn't exactly pour. It was quite funny when the groom started shoving his sand into the jar and I had to remind him that the bottle needed to be made of both their sands and not just his.


Here's the happy couple with the crazy dogs.

We gathered up the ceremony items and went to head over to the restaurant to set up, only we couldn't. You see there was a biker convention on the island and right after the ceremony they were having their parade down the main drag. So we had to wait, and wait, and wait while the 80 million bikers rode by.

Dinner was awesome. Some of the best seafood I've ever had. It was a small group so we all sat around and told stories about our trip down to the island, talked football, and since most of the group are nurses spent a lot of time discussing the flu. There was also a short conversation about gigantic dog poo. While it wasn't my first poo discussion during dinner, it was a first to happen at a wedding!

In the end I think it was a fabulous wedding. If you ask my mom she will tell you the reception was really nice and the ceremony was a disaster. (It was the first wedding she's ever planned) I had to remind her that the bride and groom were extremely happy and it was everything that they wanted so therefore it was a successful wedding. As long as those two leave happy, she's done a great job. I guess now I know where I get my perfectionism from!

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