Friday, September 04, 2009

What am I doing on my 4 day weekend

Canning. That's right. I'm canning 25 pounds of homegrown pears. I started the process about an hour ago. I'm currently halfway through peeling, coring and slicing the pears and am ready to give up.

John got me an apple peeler, corer, slicer last year for my birthday. I practically had to beg him to buy me one because he was terrified that I would later go crazy because "how dare he buy me a kitchen item for my birthday!" Well it doesn't core or slice pears, especially, holy crap that's an ACTUAL pear tree in my front yard, pears. So it's great for peeling only. Then I take them and I use the little round apple corer slicer thingy. Well my little apple corer slicer thingy just broke. One of the pears was just too much for it and it turned into the mangled wreck of pear, metal and plastic. Ugh.

Of course this isn't the worst part of it. The worst part was that I nicked my finger chopping pears. Nothing big. It was one of those oh crap! I almost cut my finger there type moments. And then I reached into the bowl filled with lemon juice and water for a pear. Yeah. Let me tell you how fun it is to pull a pear from the lemon juice, slice up the lemon juice covered pear and then throw the pieces back into the lemon juice and make sure they're nice and covered in lemon juice. It's FREAKING AWESOME! Everyone should totally get a teeny tiny cut that can't even be compared to a paper cut it's so insignificant and then play around in lemon juice for an afternoon. Best day off from work ever!!!!


  1. Hey, at least you have the day off!!!

    Also, I am WAY too lazy to can.

  2. Okay...I just started reading your blog and I can relate to almost every post! Check out my post on canning...we did homemade salsa!


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