Tuesday, September 29, 2009

There's a post in me somewhere

I have things I need to write about, like how life has been with Rufus lately and some super cute pictures of the punk ass.

I could also recap Julie's shower last weekend. At least I got the pictures up on Flickr (cue Julie's mom to my Flickr page)

Have I told ya'll I'm playing Fantasy Football? The first two weeks I totally kicked ass and was number 1 in my league. Last week though....no bueno. I fell to #3 and for the first time John beat me (we compete against each other even though we're in different leagues). One of my players had a bad game and the other big scorer was injured in the beginning of his game. Boo. I'll come back though!

Hmmm.....lots of planning for Julie's upcoming bachelorette party. Been busy making shirt designs and having awkward conversations about love swings....

I also advise two collegiate chapters of my business fraternity. It's their recruitment time so it's been a little busier than usual for me during the week.

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting last Saturday. I think it was the best meeting I've ever been to! The leader was awesome, the group was awesome. People laughed, people cried. It was just great.

Work has also been super busy lately which is good. I like to stay busy and sometimes that doesn't always happen. When I'm busy I can forget for just one second how bad work can suck at times.

This weekend I'm officiating a ceremony for a cute couple. They found me through a wedding planner that I know. I work on referral only because I don't do crazy brides. I joke that I only do quick and dirty ceremonies - Do you? Do you? Ring. Ring. Kiss. Bar's that way folks!

I'm also officiating a ceremony next weekend in South Padre. Yay mini-vacation! My mom has been planning this wedding and is also doing the flowers. It's one of her coworkers (again, referral only, no crazies). I'm excited that my mom is getting this opportunity. She's always been awesome at flowers and in the past year or so finally started taking formal classes. Go mom! The couple also want something short and sweet and they also want their dogs incorporated. This will be my second wedding with dogs involved! (ok, so maybe a tad bit of crazy is allowed?)

The garden is kicking ass (obviously ass is the word of the day in this blog post) right now. The weather cooled off for all of a week or so and the plants went crazy. They're all blooming right now. Hopefully they'll keep this up through October or so and I can finally get a ton of veggies.

I need to get on the planning train for John's big 30th birthday. He still doesn't like my idea - bouncy house, college type drinking games, dress up area with a Polaroid, we all wear black and white to mourn the loss of his "youth." Sounds like fun right? Please pass the fun message along to my husband.

Ok...I'm off to bed. I'm freaking exhausted all the time because the punk ass known as Rufus still likes to wake up at 3 am EVERY MORNING.


  1. First off, yah for mini-vacay to South Padre-sounds like a ton of fun!!! Two, how did you get your officiating license? I totally want to see pictures with the dogs in them. Three, love the 30th party idea, I was going to throw Matt a big party for his (still 3 years away) but the more I think about it and we've discussed, we're just going to take a big trip for both of our 30's. TG-it's Wednesday!

  2. I love South Padre, and I'm totally jealous. The only time such hot weather is acceptable is when there is a beach nearby.


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