Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Recipe Catch Up Part 4

I suck at making any kind of stir fry. It's the one thing I can't make. While only one in the 20 or so that I've made has turned out bad none of them have ever been very good. I don't give up though! That's why I have made 20 ok stir fries!

So the other night I had a bag of random frozen veggies in the freezer. I bought them for something else only to realize they had noodles so I didn't use them. I also had some beef that needed to be used before freezer burn set in - so stir fry here we come!


This one was actually good! Hooray! It took 21 attempts, but I finally made a good stir fry! John and I both went back for seconds so there were no leftovers. John said it was so good that it needed a name - Faith Special Number 9.


One bag of random frozen stir fry veggies (with or without noodles)
1 lb (maybe?) chicken or beef, your choice
Asian Toasted Sesame Dressing
Soy Sauce

I pretty much coated the pan with dressing and heated it up, threw in the veggies and then the beef (if you use chicken, I'd go chicken then veggies) and then added some soy sauce.


  1. I love stir fry. I really don't make it often because the hubster hates soy sauce, teriyaki, and pretty much any Asian-flavors!

    Maybe I will just have to say "too bad" and do it anyway.

  2. I make something similar to what you have, but use fresh veg and 2 packages of oriental flavor ramen noodles. Use water/cornstarch/ramen noodle seasoning to marinate meat. Stir fry veg for 1 minute, add water and noodles, boil for 3 min, remove, stir fry meat for 2 min, toss with same dressing and enjoy. Had it last night.


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