Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Julie's First Shower

Julie's wedding events have started! We've got 3 showers (2 more to go), the bachelorette party and then the wedding! Mixed in there I also have 2 more weddings to go to (I'm officiating both) John's 30th birthday and Halloween! Let the craziness begin! I don't think I have a free weekend until oh.....January maybe? So here's a recap of Julie's first shower:

The lovely spread:


It took us a bit, but we figured out that the design on the little cakes were taken from the cool napkins.



Then came the presents!


Towels for every season


"And this is from my bridesmaid Faith"


Cracking up at the gift I got her


and now telling the story of how her mom insisted she have everything booked 16 months out or else she was going to end up with "canned coke and Twinkies in the backyard!"


Cracking up at another gift. You know how when you register the guys always feel like NOTHING is for them? Well Julie's fiance Karl REALLY wanted a popcorn maker. I have to agree with her on this one: why does anyone need a popcorn maker? Hasn't everyone moved on to the microwaveable bags? If I REALLY felt like making some old school popcorn I'd just do it how I did when I was a kid. A tiny bit of oil in a big pot with some kernels of corn. Cover and turn on the heat! Easy peasy! No special appliance needed!


Well Julie was nice and allowed Karl to register for the $10 popcorn maker and not the $100 one. I got a phone call when the item came off the registry, because Julie COULD NOT believe that someone actually bought the popcorn maker. At the shower Stephanie, another bridesmaid, said, "I got her a popcorn maker." I died! Of course it came from a bridesmaid! I hope Karl enjoys his new toy!

My camera died not to long after this, but it was more of the usual shower stuff. Although I think the bridesmaids are going to find a way to make off with the shiny new KitchenAid Stand Mixer that she got... :)


  1. It wasn't $10...it was $15. And there is one special event you left out!

  2. When we were registering, Justin saw a little mini hot dog roller (like they have at concessions stands) and absolutely INSISTED that we add it to our registry. Thank GOD no one purchased it for us!

  3. i didn't really register for much at all for our wedding because i figured that I was getting the best present of all - Faith. Love You Babe!

  4. Popcorn popper is good for White Chocolate Popcorn Mix-yum!!! Canned Coke and Twinkies sound delicious!!! I didn't know you officiated weddings...would love to hear more about that.


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