Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Conversations with John

Me: Hey Babe. Is it cool if we put a stripper pole up in our living room?

John: *Blink. Blink* *stares at wife like she's crazy*

Me: Really. Do you think it would work right here if we moved these chairs? *Glance over at still shocked and unspeaking husband* If they're moved that should leave enough room for someone to swing around right?

John: Ok. Just wait one second. A stripper pole?

Me: Yeah. A stripper pole.

John: How exactly is this going to be mounted?

Me: I dunno. I was told that I'd have to know where the beams are though.

John: Is this going to leave a hole in the ceiling?

Me: I dunno.

John: I mean, if it's something I can spackle, it's not a big deal, but if I'm going to have a 4 inch hole in my ceiling, I just don't know.

Leave it to my husband to worry about structural damage. Most guys would be all, "Hell yeah! We can TOTALLY put a stripper pole in the living room. That is AWESOME!"

More on the stripper pole in the coming month....


  1. Love this conversation! That would so be my husband also. I can't wait for the coming months to hear the rest of the story!

  2. This is too funny!

    I will say though, we had many a laugh when we were looking at houses about the stripper poles in the living room. Or garage (brrr!).

    Why not the bedroom? Then at least you wouldn't have the awkward stare down any time relatives came over...

  3. HAH! Tony would probably think the same way!

  4. I think John is being cautious - he's so happy at the idea of a stripper pole that he's trying not to show it....he doesn't want to scare the mythical creature away.....


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