Friday, September 25, 2009


I've been wanting to start a compost pile for awhile. When I first mentioned it to John his main thought was, "I don't want a big, smelly pile of trash in the backyard." So after months of procrastination and a bit of research I decided to container compost. I figure, I've already done the container garden, why not move on to composting.

I started with a big trash can I bought at the Wal-Marts for 10 bucks. I drilled holes throughout to allow lots of air flow.


I threw in a little soil, some leaves from the front yard and kitchen scraps. A bit of water to keep it moist and we were good to go!


It's not much right now, but I'll add more as we go along. We're sort of in fall at the moment, as in it finally cooled off to the 80's and we had a couple of days of rain, so I might get some leaves to throw in soon. I wouldn't be surprised if we were up in the 90's again very soon though. Typical Texas for you!


  1. Then will you use it in your garden? We have a compost pile in our backyard but Matt's in charge of it. Those look like three uncooked biscuits!

  2. Haha no, they're eggs! I plan on using it. If I do the container garden again next year I'll use it to mix with the existing potting soil.


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