Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seth Meyer's Stand Up

One of the few perks of working for a university is that when school starts there's always a ton of programming open to the entire university community. Last night, as part of the week-long festivities, the school brought in Seth Meyers from Saturday Night Live.


We were a little unsure about going because we didn't know if he'd be funny on his own. I also find SNL a little hit or miss (I'm picky about my comedy, what can I say?) I'm glad we went because he was hilarious! Here are a few videos I took during his set.

Talking about taking pictures on vacation:

Taking pictures of groups of girls (reminded me of my DC trip) and cellphone use and texting:

Talking about Ashlee Simpson's visit to SNL as well as Sarah Palin's:

Several Weekend Update jokes that were deemed too inappropriate for TV:

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