Monday, August 17, 2009

Post 301

Just looked at my counter thingy on blogger and my post below was number 300. Holy crap!

Well, for starters, I'm home. Yay! 8 days in DC was a lot of fun and you can expect recaps here all week. I've done almost all of my laundry, but haven't put any of it away. I've got all the pictures I took onto my computer (don't have an official count, but it's A LOT) and am working on some edits and getting them onto flickr. I've gotten about 1/3 of the way through. My feet are swollen. I have really skinny feet normally and today my toes look like sausages. I kind of wish I could take tomorrow off of work, but we'll see. I'm still exhausted. I should be in bed already, but the bed is taken up with all the clothes that I haven't put away. I'd probably just fall asleep on them if it wouldn't give John a heart attack to witness such behavior.

Lots more to come tomorrow. At least I hope. Don't hold me to it just yet.

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