Saturday, August 08, 2009

Leavin' On A Jet Plane

I head out to DC bright and early tomorrow morning and will be gone until next Sunday. Not sure if I'll have time to blog, and if I was some kind of responsible blogger I'd probably schedule a post or two, but I'm not. Considering that I'm still not packed - I got halfway through and filled up my suitcase. It's the big one too. As in the one that I took with me when I did a summer study abroad trip. I've filled it and I'm only going to be gone for 8 days. Do you know how hard it is to pack for this 8 day trip? Half of the days I need business attire and regular clothes, the other half I need sightseeing and then going out clothes, and for one day I need business attire and then formal wear at night. Holy crap that's a lot of clothes! And shoes! Don't get me started on the amount of shoes I have in my suitcase currently. I may have to change my current luggage situation just because of all the damn shoes. When I did the study abroad trip I had a whole suitcase dedicated to shoes. The airline lost my luggage for 10 days when I came home and the only suitcase I had was the one filled with shoes. I may have not had a single pair of underwear to my name, but I had shoes!

Aside from the packing I still need to finish some laundry (for some clothes that I'm taking but currently have no room for in my suitcase), I need to pay a ton of bills that are all due during the time that I'm gone, and I need to write a speech. Well the speech is written, but it needs some fine tuning. I also haven't read it out loud yet so hopefully it's not currently over time because that would suck. Can't say what the speech is about or for, but I can let you know on Sunday (more likely Monday) when I get bad. All I can say, is wish me luck!

If you miss me while I'm gone you can follow me on Twitter. Even if you don't have an account you can still see what I'm saying. For those that do follow me, I don't do the whole the cell updates (and refuse to have internet on my phone) so if you have something to say to me you'll have to actually send me a real text. It's just how I roll.

Have a great week everyone!

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