Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Final 2 Days in DC

So the big election day rolled around on Saturday. Remember I mentioned a speech the day before I left? Well it was for the caucus that was on Friday which led to the elections on Saturday, which I lost. :( Oh well! Not a big deal because I'm still going to be doing what I've been doing, only now I don't have to do it on a bigger scale! Plus it also meant that Peter, who I've never seen drink in the 4+ years that I've known him, got to not only buy me a shot, but to take one with me!


That is called proof and it has now been spread all over the internets. I could also post the picture of him, the OU boy, wearing a UT shirt but I might save that for another day. We'll see.

So once the elections were over and everyone was sworn in, we headed to lunch and then to the room to get gussied up for our big formal banquet.

Aren't we a good lookin' group?


These are all the people that went back and forth between the apartment and the hotel.

Most of us changed and then some late night antics occurred


At one point, maybe around 3 am, I fell asleep having a conversation with someone. Oops! It was a great conference and a great time with some great people.

The next morning was departure day for many, but I scheduled a late departure so I could get in some additional sightseeing. I got packed up and headed to Arlington Cemetery with another friend.




Joggers beware!

We took a tram that took us to the Kennedy grave sites:


The markers are for a son, JFK, Jackie O, and an unnamed daughter.

Robert Kennedy was buried nearby


Then we stopped at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers and saw the changing of the guard.



Finally it was a quick stop at the Lee Mansion before heading off.


From Arlington I hopped on the metro to swing by the American History and Natural History museums. Want to know how you give an 80 year old Smithsonian employee a heart attack? You politely walk up and ask for the "Quick and Dirty Museum Tour."

At the American History Museum I saw:

Julia Child's Kitchen


A fallout shelter


Learned the history of The Pill

Which was the best part of the trip. While standing there this little 8 year old girl turns to her mother and loudly asks, "Mom, what's the pill?" The room goes silent as all the women turn to look at the mom (whose standing next to me) and hear her answer. She looks to me and I laugh and tell her, "good luck with that one!" So she starts to explain to her daughter, "Well the pill is something that women take," she is then cut off by here daughter who says, "Ew! Gross! I don't want to know!" and runs from the room. Everyone laughs and the mom looks over at me again, I reply, "honey, the lack of the pill is how we got you."

After a good laughed I checked out some inaugural gowns from the former First Ladies:

Helen Taft


Mamie Eisenhower and Martha Washington


Mary Todd Lincoln and Florence Harding (her's wasn't an inaugural)


Rosalynn Carter (whose dress caused quite a fuss because she had worn it 2 times before!) and Laura Bush


I also went through the exhibit (no cameras allowed) and saw the flag that inspired the national anthem.

Then I headed over to the Natural History Museum to see some dinosaur bones



The Hope Diamond and some other jewels



and before I knew it my alarm was going off on my phone telling me to hightail it to the metro so I could make it to the Amtrak on time. I missed my train - oops! but made it to Baltimore with plenty of time for my flight. I packed my bags the exact same way I had when I left San Antonio and yet this time, it was 15 pounds more! I think Continental needs to have their scales checked! So I had to find a spot to open my luggage and shove as much as I could into my carry-on. Total PITA! I made it home just fine and my wonderful husband bought me flowers (since I lost my race) and baked me cake. Isn't he sweet?


I then had to wash about 400 pounds of clothes! Don't you love coming home from vacation?


  1. Okay, so bummer that you had to pay for the trip (whoops...I missed that one)...but it looks like you had a blast!

    I was going to say...these work trips look like too much fun!

  2. Love the pics! You made me reallly want to visit DC. Speaking of visits, you and John better visit us in Germany! Then you can sort through another set of 700 pics :)

  3. Love the pics! You made me reallly want to visit DC. Speaking of visits, you and John better visit us in Germany! Then you can sort through another set of 700 pics :)


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