Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 3 in DC

So I had planned on getting all these posts up sooner, but it just didn't happen. I got busy doing all the photo edits. I don't know how professional photographers do it! I took close to 700 pictures. 700! I was in Europe for a summer and came home with 400. I was in DC for 8 days and had almost 700 pictures. WOW! Plus halfway through I just got sick of looking at them. I don't think I could ever do this for a living. Although if someone paid me a crap load of money to do it, I might think differently.

Day 3 was another full day of sightseeing. We got up early and rushed to get to the Capitol for our tour.


The inside of the dome.



This is a mural of the history of the US. It starts with Columbus and ends with the Wright Brothers.


Each state has 2 statues located throughout the building.


These arches are what hold up the weight of the dome.


From the Capitol we went across the street to visit the Library of Congress. It is SUCH a beautiful building! It has a lot of history about how it started - just a few books, to Jefferson donating hundreds of his books, to the burning of the building and the loss of the majority of the books, to what it is today. I was just in awe of how gorgeous the building was.






We also swung by to see our Congressman, but he was out of town. They've got a pretty cool building for their offices though.


After a short break, Alex and I headed to the National Archives.


We didn't have a lot of time so all we saw were the Declaration of Independence


The Constitution


and the Bill of Rights


After this we rushed back to the Capitol to visit the Senate Gallery (the House Gallery isn't open due to renovations at the moment).

While we we sitting up there another group of friends (who knew someone who knew someone) were having a tour of the Senate Floor. We moved to the front row of the gallery and learned the history of some of the desks and saw where Barack and Hillary used to sit. Pretty cool.

We called it quits after this and headed back to the apartment. We packed up our stuff and moved to the conference hotel. We went from a 2 bed to bath apartment with 7 people to a regular hotel room (although it was a handicap room so it was slightly bigger) with 5 people. All I can say is luggage, luggage everywhere.


  1. How incredible that even while working, you get to play a bit of a tourist! What a great opportunity to see the world on the company dime!

    IF I get to travel for work, I usually don't see much more than the hotel by the airport. Or MAYBE a court room!

  2. Oh Meredith I wish it was a work trip this time! This one was paid for by me and well, an Avon fundraiser.

  3. Wow, DC looks awesome! You took some great pics, now I want to visit! ~ Deanna


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