Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Packaging Overkill

Do any of you mail order your prescriptions? I use John's insurance plan for my meds because it's cheaper. However, they require you to do mail order for anything that you'll be taking for over 3 months. No big deal. One click shipping. They verify everything online for me. Plus it's cheaper than picking up at the pharmacy! Easy peasy and saves you money!

I only take two prescriptions (and about 800 vitamins). One is my thyroid and since those pills are teeny tiny I get a regular looking pill bottle in a regular old envelope that's shoved into my teeny tiny mail box with the 200 pieces of junk mail I receive every day. My other prescription is the one that keeps the babies away. Another reason I love mail order. They send your reminders to refill them. They'll even set it up to do it automatically! It just shows up like clockwork on your doorstep. No mishaps here! No sir! However when it does show up on your doorstep it looks like this:

Giant box.


You open giant box to see this:


You pull out the little airbags and find this gigantic padded and insulated envelope.


Inside you find a partially melted ice pack and your meds.


See that little ziploc with the little blue foil wrapped packages? Yep. All that packaging for those 3 little packets. A little overkill don't you think? Especially when you consider that the company that ships it is in my city. It's not even 15 minutes from my house in fact! Which makes no sense that it takes them almost 2 days to get it to me and the ice pack is always melted (still nice and cold though). If anyone ever needs an ice pack I've got plenty - or can you donate ice packs? I'm sure someone out there needs ice packs.

I also store my BC in the fridge. Is that insanely weird? Would your significant other be totally freaked out to find your BC in the fridge?

By the way, my fridge looks like this at the moment.


I need to find some starving college kids to come over. We've been eating leftovers for days it seems. Although I did cook last night so there's two more of the little rubbermaid containers in there. Who's hungry?

This might be one of my most random posts ever...


  1. Lol--I WISH my fridge looked like that. On my to-do list tonight is to clean out all the left overs from last week that have probably gone bad by now. And then I will have no food. I'm trying to resist buying more, because we'll just be camping and then out of town for the next couple of weeks. But still, I like my options for dinner!

  2. I do put my nuva ring in the fridge!

  3. Why do you keep your BC in the refrigerator?


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