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New Orleans

This was originally a two part post that I started while I was in New Orleans. Instead I'm home now and have little time so it's been converted to one monster post.

I arrived in New Orleans only to have to wait in the underground of the airport where all the heat, humidity and exhaust collects for the sole purpose of making your arrival to this city absolutely miserable. Especially when you have to stand in the crazy heat waiting for the stupid airport shuttle for 2 hours. Ridiculous and not a great start to my trip.

I made it to the hotel - oh the complaints I have about the hotel! Like, that they charged my credit card $500 more than they were supposed to, they shove 4 rooms in a corner so you can hear absolutely every little thing that goes on outside your door and in the room next to you, and that the police station is a block away so you can hear the have sirens going off at all hours of the night despite being on the 14th floor. Yeah. Loads of fun.

After checking into the hell-hole called the W Hotel, I wandered around trying to find something to eat. I missed being in Chicago (the conference was there the year before) where there was a Walgreens, Panera, and Starbucks on every corner. I also missed the 100 degree weather of San Antonio. Yes. I said that. I'll take extreme heat over extreme humidity any day. The weather in New Orleans is just oppressive.

Sarah made it in from Houston and we headed up to the pool. The weather was rather deceiving up there - we were freezing! We actually didn't stay up there very long because we were so cold! We thought for sure it was going to be a lovely evening when we headed out and were wrong. The same insane heat and humidity greeted us when we headed out. Here's a slightly before picture:


We had dinner at Hard Rock Cafe after giving up on trying to find the place the hotel recommended. Really, we were just too hot to go on! I tried a local beer - Abita Satsuma Harvest Wit. The guy said it was like Blue Moon. GROSS! It was horrible. I love Blue Moon and this was nothing like Blue Moon! Honestly, it tasted like a mimosa made with beer. I ended up with the regular Abita.

After we finished dinner Sarah and I headed over to Bourbon St. We knew we were close when we passed all the "massage parlors." Or first stop was at Tropical Isle for a hand grenade.


Then we wandered around for a bit before we ran into a couple with these giant Miller Lite bottles. We were directed to a place with this sign.


$20 all you can drink? My kind of place!

Us with the Miller Lite bottles


For some reason I look 12 in that picture.

Then we went to Rick's which had this awesome sign welcoming all the Human Resources people attending the conference.


I might have to use it in my sexual harassment trainings!

After a few trips to refill our beverages we ran into this lady.


Then we decided it was time to go and ride the bull.

We made a friend in line - her and her husband drove all the way from Canada to New Orleans. Crazy!


First it was Sarah who did really good!


This is her mouthing off to the guy in charge of the controls - typical Sarah.

Then me. I did not so good, but they let me go twice.


We also passed by this place (not sure if the name is still the same, but the inside is):


Let me tell you, on my frist trip to NOLA there were some things that happened in this bar that will never be mentioned. In fact even the negatives have been destroyed. However, all chances of running for a major political office for many people on that trip have probably been ruined.

This picture is for Susannah and Misty


Sarah left the next day covered in bruises from the bull (I still have one on my thigh). I slept most of the day and then had to head to the conference.

I really didn't get many pictures of the city because it was so hot out. I did go out early one morning a took these:


They had these all over the city, but this is the only one I got a picture of




Each year on the Tuesday night of the conference they bring in a musical guest. Last year we had Lionel Richie. This year it was Sheryl Crow and she put on a great show!





I have some videos posted on Flickr that you can get to here. I'm just to lazy today!

That was pretty much the excitement of my New Orleans trip. I never made it to the actual Cafe Du Monde, but did make it to one of their coffee shops for a cafe au lait and some beignets. I also had an awesome alligator sausage poboy at another restaurant. My coworker ordered some bread pudding from Mother's only to find out it had peaches in it (she's allergic). I wish I had been around to take it from her, but I was losing money at Harrah's. Oh well! I'll have to make another trip (in the winter!) to hit up a few more of the hotspots!

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun. I love Sheryl Crow, I'm so jealous!


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