Sunday, July 05, 2009

Need to Play Catch Up

I've been a bad blogger. I also blame the fact that the crap W hotel I stayed at in New Orleans had the worst internet connection on the planet. I could have posted tons of stuff like the lady with the penis nose, bull riding, awesome food and beer and the Sheryl Crow concert if I could have only gotten online for more than a minute and at a speed of more than 1 MB per second.

Aside from a recap of New Orleans I also need to share the 2nd Annual H*man Olympics. I can't really say it was more fun than last year, but I think people got more wasted than the previous year. I blame jello shot bingo.

In other news the RV that was parked outside my house is finally gone! If I ever find my neighbors again, I will let them know how angry that stupid RV made me. Seriously, who parks and RV in front of someone's house!? They're the semi-normal neighbors too! I'd have totally expected it from the guy 2 doors down that gets drunk in his garage every night, but not them!

So where do I start? Do I do recent events and go backwards or start from the beginning and the go forward? Of course this is if I can find the time with the hellacious week I have ahead of me. I also found out that I'll be visiting the lovely town of San Angelo in a week so lots of prep to do for that trip as well. It's another 1 and a half days I'll be gone from the office. I don't think I'm ever going to catch up on all the work I left!

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