Thursday, July 09, 2009

H*man Olympics

This 4th of July was the 2nd Annual H*man Olympics (the H*man is for my last name).

We started off with some Guitar Hero


Then went out for the 1st event - Chubby Bunnies


Julie had it worked out to a science.


She ended up winning, scoring 3 points for the White team, and I think she may have counted 14 that she spit out. I'm being nice and not posting the picture of her spitting them out, but you can find it on Flickr.

Next up was HORSE


I have no clue which team won that game.

Then we moved on to Bubble Gum Blowing


Here's Kandis with her winning blow, earning 3 points for the Red team.


Karl showed up in his short shirt just in time for Watermelon Seed Spitting



Can't remember who won this either, but it wasn't me! We came in for a break and the Red and White Teams were tied and the Blue team was close behind.

Then it was time to get to grilling. I pulled out my big hunk of meat


and John and Becky got to making burgers


Then we played Jello Shot Bingo. I first heard of this from Jannypie. Only she did not tell me what a bad idea it is. It leads people to do things like this to their fiance.


Basically people just got wasted. Fun, but not a good idea. Karl was also the first to get BINGO scoring 3 more points for the Red team.

One happy group of slightly intoxicated party goers.


I missed pictures of the Beer Relay, but did get the 3 Legged Relay.


Then we moved on to the Hula Hoop Relay


We ended with the Water Balloon Relay, but by this point my camera stopped working. It suffered an accident with spilled lemonade, but it's better now. Things were very touch and go for a bit, but it's all better now.

In the end, the Red team came out the victors. Another successful H*man Olympics. Hope everyone else had a great 4th of July!


  1. This is a GREAT IDEA! Sadly though, I think that all my friends who would be willing to partake also wouldn't get to the level of tipsy needed to make it really fun.

  2. Um, I wish my friends were as cool as you! Great pictures!

  3. Leah and Meredith - you can both come down to Texas for the 3rd Annual H*man Olympics next July 4th! Feel free to bring the husbands and the kiddos!


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