Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chicken Tikka Masala

No, this isn't the recipe that I mentioned the other day. This is one that I made a month or so ago that I got off of Pioneer Woman. Pastor Ryan is actually the one who made it and you can find the recipe here.

Let me just say that this dish was absolutely AMAZING! John and I both LOVED it. It was a bit of work, required some different ingredients, but was so worth it!

The recipe for the garam masalsa isn't on the link but to make your own you can use:
1 tablespoon coriander; ground
1 tablespoon cumin; ground
1 tablespoon ground black pepper
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper; ground
1 tablespoon fennel seeds; ground
1 tablespoon ginger; ground
1 tablespoon cardamom; ground
1 tablespoon nutmeg; ground
1 TEASPOON cloves; ground

I found most of this at my local grocery store (HEB), but had to go to a higher end one (Central Market) to get a few missing spices. Of course when I got to that store they actually had the garam masala in stock so it was a bit of a waste! I also buy bulk spices because it's so much cheaper.

A bit of a warning - if you use your rice cooker to make the rice - especially if this is the rice cooker that your mother in law gave to your husband back when the two of you were first dating and had just moved in together (yeah, we moved in together after just 6 months). You know the one in which your future mother in law's exact words to your future husband upon his receipt of this gift was, "If the two of you break up, just remember this is your's. Don't let her get it." You know that rice cooker? Just know that the tumeric will turn your rice cooker yellow. Nothing will remove the yellow stain either (at least that I can find. If you know a way I will love your forever and ever) and you will hear about it from your husband until the end of time because "his momma gave him that rice cooker and it's his and now it's yellow!"

I also used Greek Yogurt on the chicken because that's what I had on hand. Personally I think it worked a bit better because it's a bit thicker than regular yogurt.

Served this up with some Naan that I found over with the pita chips and other random bread items at our local store.

You have to try this. I'd make it more often if it wasn't so time consuming.


  1. I definitely might have to try this some day. We'll see if I can even get the husband to TRY it.

    PS- I hate my rice cooker. My rice never comes out in the rice cooker.

  2. Meredith - I bet he'll like it. I didn't put in the extra peppers so it wasn't spicey. It almost had a bit of a sweet taste to it. Hard to describe. I think most Indian food tastes a little sweet rather than spicey.

    I also usually just make rice on the stove. I had so many other things going on that I just threw it in the rice cooker this time. Big mistake on my part.


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