Monday, June 22, 2009

When Birds Attack

I think I may have pissed off the world or something. My first bird attack involved my tomato plants about a month ago and there have been several attacks since then. I've had to start picking the tomatoes a little earlier than I want because John and I are still having the fight over which is less white trash - a plastic owl or tin cans.

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that on Friday I was dive bombed by a Mocking Bird on my way into work. Stupid thing even attempted to pull my hair! It's gotten several people in the last week and on my way out on Friday it was literally swarming another coworker on his way out. It didn't make an appearance this morning, so hopefully someone took care of it.

Then last night I was out watering my plants on the patio. Sometimes I don't do this until just before I go to bed (I try to wait until the sun is going down, but sometimes forget) so it's pretty dark out when I get to it. We just have one little light on the patio which is enough to see, but you don't always see all the creepy crawlies that could be out. Like once a lizard shot out of a pepper plant and scared me half to death.

So last night, I was almost finished and reached up to water this lovely hanging basket of flowers.


Out of no where this little brown object shoots out from the plant and lands on my chest. I drop the watering can, start screaming bloody murder (I'm sure my neighbors love me) and begin to jump around and pull on my shirt in an attempt to get whatever this crazy thing is off of me. Honestly I thought it was a bat and that it was going to start clawing its way up my shirt and onto my face.

I run screaming into the house and call for John to come outside in case whatever it is is still out there. While I'm waiting (obviously John didn't care that some creature tried to maul me) I grab my camera from the coffee table and lo and behold this little thing hops out from behind the watering can.


From a distance it actually looked like a mouse (you bet I was still standing inside the house). By this time John is finally there and is just laughing at me. "Awh, the wittle bitty baby bird tried to get you." I love how supportive my husband is.


Yeah, he make look cute with is little downy feathers and cool hair, but he is a viscous, mean, attack bird that lurks in the shadows waiting for its next victim.


  1. Scary! I totally would have thought it was a bat! Yikes! Cooper (the dog) was attacked by a mocking bird. It pecked his head and he had 3 big bloody spots. Those suckers are mean!

  2. Lordy! I think I probably would have had a heart attack.

    This is why I water mine in the morning--so I can see any creatures that want to attack me!

  3. LOL!!! I would have freaked too. And then I would have freaked that my mouth was wide open screaming and OH MY GOD IT'S GOING TO GET IN!


    I am so freaking impressed at your garden!

  4. So, Justin and I are planning out our garden for this year, and we went to look at some of your old gardening posts for assistance :)

    We came across this one, and both laughed really, really hard. Your recount of this little incident was so dang funny!


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