Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So either I lost my 5 pounds and was allowed to shop or I totally can't hold myself to any kind of deal. I'll let you make your own judgement.

First stop was Old Navy. The ONLY time I'm allowed to wear jeans is in the summer. However, I can't wear ACTUAL jeans, like the pant version. Only jean skirts. Weird. It's probably frowned upon for anyone above an admin position, but I don't care. I'm going to wear my jean skirts, but only on Friday's and not when I have a client meeting. (See what they've done to me?) So I got this cute skirt from Old Navy. On Sale. I never pay full price for anything by the way.

I also finally got my black hoodie in tall. (Since I purchased 3 items online it finally made the shipping worth it). I'm in love with this hoodie. It is the most perfect and best fitting hoodie I've ever owned.

I also go a new pair of workout pants. I prefer pants over capris because as a freakishly tall person I have issues wearing any kind of short pants. It's also been difficult to find long workout pants although I saw at Target they finally had some. I also prefer cotton over all other kinds of materials. So I was excited to see that they have some. The 2 pairs of pants I currently own I've had since college. I'm surprised they still fit, but I also noticed one pair is getting kind of see through in the crotch area. No bueno.

Then I went to Ann Taylor Loft. These 2 dresses I've been eyeballing finally went on sale and so did a skirt. I got this one:

I don't watch the show but because they're ALL OVER THE NEWS I kind of have no choice but to notice them at some point. But Kate had this same dress on. I thought it was interesting she shopped at ATL.

Got this one too

and then this skirt.

Yes, I've realized that I wear entirely too much black. Speaking of which, I also got this super cute dress at Target a few weeks ago. In black, go figure. I love that you can wear it different ways.

I almost (and might still) get it in purple. (Broadening my color horizons see?) My next excursion might be for some brighter tops or cardigans. I'll have to cover up some at work and my office's temperature could be compared to a meat locker so cardigans are a must for me.


  1. You buy all black, I buy all solids. But new clothes are always good no matter what!

  2. I love all of your picks. Does the Target dress cover the girls? I saw a cute one there but wondered if it would cover the boobs.

  3. Yep - I got a M and with my DDs it works. The L fit just fine too, but it seemed looser up top. The dress is so flowy that it really didn't make a difference size wise.


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