Monday, June 15, 2009


John loves to say things just to drive me crazy sometimes. Whenever he catches me blogging he goes into this high pitched girly voice, "Dear diary, I love John so much. He is the best husband ever." Tonight it was, "Dear blogosphere. It's been one whole day since I last saw you. John is so wonderful. He's so funny and makes me laugh all the time." Right after that one we saw a commercial for a new show on TBS with Dylan McDermott. I replied, "mmmmm.....Dylan McDermott." He responded with "Dear blogosphere. I love Dylan McDermott. He is so hot. He is just one big McTasty. I want to cut him up in little pieces and cover him in caramel sauce."

Other things he says:
Me: Hey babe. I've got bunco on Wednesday.
John: You're going to pay plinko with the girls?
Me: Bunco
John: Yeah, plinko. That game you play every month with the girls.
Me: Whatever

Later one sided conversation
John: Hey man wanna hang out on Wednesday?
John: Yeah, Faith's gonna play plinko with the girls.
John: Yeah, plinko, like from Price is Right.

The name for the plant out front is Plumbago.

John: Hey did you see I planted the plumbagel plant?
Me: You mean the plumbago?
John: Yeah. The plumbagel.
Me: Plumbago
John: How do you say it?
Me: Plumbago
John: Yeah, that's what I said. Plumbagel. Like Plum and Bagel. It's totally false advertising though. That plant doesn't grow plums or bagels.

Oh, and these have have all come out of his mouth in the past evening.


  1. LOL! Those are all too funny! It's like those "From the mouths of babes" columns/posts, only better!

  2. I am laughing my butt off, But don't tell John and stroke his ego :P

  3. That's so funny. You and John cracks me up.


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