Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I planted new zucchini, squash and some green beans in the patio container garden. They're all starting to sprout. I'm most excited about the beans. 1. I don't know why I didn't plant them before and 2. they remind me of always trying to grow bean in a dixie cup on the window sill. Anyone else do that as a kid?

I need to take Reese to have a tooth looked at. It's one of the big back molars and it looks like hell. I don't know how. She had her teeth cleaned 6 months ago and I've been trying to get better about brushing them. I don't know how I didn't notice this gnarly looking tooth. Poor thing. I really hope she doesn't have to get it pulled. Then she'll look like poor little Riley who only chews on one side of his mouth.

Going back to the Dr. on Monday to have my knee looked at. Stupid thing has never stopped hurting! I wear a brace when I go to the gym (not as frequently as I once was) and I think that's helping a bit. However some of the stuff I've been reading about hypothyroidism is joint and knee pain so maybe that has something to do with it. I plan on asking her about it.

So I'm curious about this - I work in downtown San Antonio. Kind of on the south side of downtown San Antonio. The courthouse is on one side of my building and a homeless shelter is on the other. Getting the picture? I have to cross a major intersection to get to my car which is parked under a bridge (a major highway). I would say that on an almost daily basis I get some kind of cat call/honk from some creepy guy. Trust me. It's nothing to brag or write home about. They are CREEPY. Today this car was 3 cars deep at the stoplight and just started honking. Repeatedly. I don't usually look when I hear a honk (probably a bad practice in case it was some kind of actual emergency) but this kept up. For a second I thought the light had changed (I keep an eye on it when I walk as well as for oncoming traffic that likes to pull into the crosswalk sometimes). Nope, light was still red, but this guy kept on honking. Beep, beep. Beep, beep. Finally I kind of glance over thinking it must be someone I know. Nope. 2 guys in a Mustang (better than 8 guys in a pickup truck I guess). By now I'm already under the bridge and one of the guys starts yelling, "Hey! You're hot!" Beep, beep. "Hey hot stuff!" Beep, beep. "What's up?" Seriously? What is with guys like that? Do they really think I'm going to walk over and be all, "hey baby. Thanks for honking at me the whole time I walked across the street. Here's my number." Come on! Where do guys learn this crap? Surely there can't be THAT many girls that actually do walk over and encourage this behavior right?

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