Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Almost Home

Tomorrow I'll be on my way home from New Orleans. It's been HOT here. Everyone laughs when I say I'm from San Antonio and complain about the heat here. Yeah, we've been having 100 degree weather for the past couple weeks back home, but it's SO HUMID here. It's insanely humid. I don't remember dealing with this kind of humidity since I lived in Houston. Even then, I don't remember it being this bad.

It's been an ok trip so far. I've really enjoyed the conference and have learned tons of things that I'll be able to take back to my clients. However, the hotel has been an absolute nightmare. I started writing about it in another post that I started on Sunday. The internet service has been sporadic at best. Supposedly you're supposed to pay for it, but I haven't gotten any kind of acknowledgment when I've gotten on so that may or may not be a battle that I will have to fight when I checkout. All I know is that I'm glad I haven't had to pay for this crap service so far. It's also just been too ridiculously hot to get out and enjoy the city. I made an early morning trip this morning to get some pictures and will try again tomorrow. We'll see how it goes!

Lots more to come as well as pictures. I'm off Thursday and Friday, but have a TON of work I need to get done. Plus I need to start prep for the H*man Olympics on the 4th. Yeah, yeah, I'm getting to it people. Blame the crap internet service at this crap hotel.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Go Out and Buy This Now

It's called the Gorrillapod by Joby.

The Nest featured it yesterday in an article about Must Have Travel Gear Under $25 and I fell in love. I went to Amazon and bought one straight away (you can also get it from the Joby site). They have a variety of sizes available and I love that the ones for SLRs have a little level attached. I can't wait to use mine on my NOLA trip this weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

As seen outside my office building

As seen outside my office building

The really funny thing is that the bird in the picture is a Humming Bird. Yeah, those are REAL SCARY.

Monday, June 22, 2009

When Birds Attack

I think I may have pissed off the world or something. My first bird attack involved my tomato plants about a month ago and there have been several attacks since then. I've had to start picking the tomatoes a little earlier than I want because John and I are still having the fight over which is less white trash - a plastic owl or tin cans.

If you follow me on Twitter then you know that on Friday I was dive bombed by a Mocking Bird on my way into work. Stupid thing even attempted to pull my hair! It's gotten several people in the last week and on my way out on Friday it was literally swarming another coworker on his way out. It didn't make an appearance this morning, so hopefully someone took care of it.

Then last night I was out watering my plants on the patio. Sometimes I don't do this until just before I go to bed (I try to wait until the sun is going down, but sometimes forget) so it's pretty dark out when I get to it. We just have one little light on the patio which is enough to see, but you don't always see all the creepy crawlies that could be out. Like once a lizard shot out of a pepper plant and scared me half to death.

So last night, I was almost finished and reached up to water this lovely hanging basket of flowers.


Out of no where this little brown object shoots out from the plant and lands on my chest. I drop the watering can, start screaming bloody murder (I'm sure my neighbors love me) and begin to jump around and pull on my shirt in an attempt to get whatever this crazy thing is off of me. Honestly I thought it was a bat and that it was going to start clawing its way up my shirt and onto my face.

I run screaming into the house and call for John to come outside in case whatever it is is still out there. While I'm waiting (obviously John didn't care that some creature tried to maul me) I grab my camera from the coffee table and lo and behold this little thing hops out from behind the watering can.


From a distance it actually looked like a mouse (you bet I was still standing inside the house). By this time John is finally there and is just laughing at me. "Awh, the wittle bitty baby bird tried to get you." I love how supportive my husband is.


Yeah, he make look cute with is little downy feathers and cool hair, but he is a viscous, mean, attack bird that lurks in the shadows waiting for its next victim.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

How Does My Garden Grow

Did you know the nursery rhyme Mary, Mary Quite Contrary isn't as cute as it sounds. This link has 3 versions explanations of the rhyme, none of which are very nice.

On to my garden. It's doing pretty well. The squash (left) and zucchini (right) are doing great. They look like the have some flowers that may bloom soon.


My tomato plants have gotten huge. They were actually knocking over the trellis and I had to tie them on to the deck railing so they wouldn't topple over.


I had to start giving away tomatoes because there were so many. By the looks of just this one plant I may have to do it again.


The smallest of the three has finally gotten taller and is almost reaching the top rung of the trellis.


The pepper plants have been doing really well. They've grown in height as well.


I've picked a few full grown peppers, but the latest ones seem to have this problem.


It looks like blossom end rot which may be a watering problem or a calcium problem. Since you can't do anything about the calcium (it's the plant and not the soil) I'm trying to water them more and hopefully this will solve the problem.

These are my green beans. I bought the bush kind rather than the pole kind. Hopefully they'll have some flowers soon.


The cucumber plant has gotten huge.


I bought these two hanging baskets of flowers to bring some more bees around.



I think it's actually been working since I finally have some cucumbers growing. These two are kind of crooked.



They may have been the ones that I hand pollinated which could be why they are misshapen. It could also be a water problem - cucumbers, at least mine, require TONS of water. I water them at least twice a day and sometimes 3 due to the 100 degree weather we've been having. They could also require even more water because they're in a container. I might get an even bigger one next year.

I do have a few that are growing straight. Hopefully they'll stay that way. I love cucumbers!



The only other problem with the cucumbers are these little bugs.


I think they may be spider mites. According to Google they're mostly resistant to insecticides (not that I'd use one) and most suggestions are to spray them down with water. I tried that today and think I got the majority of them, but it'll be an ongoing process, spraying every couple of days. Hopefully it works!

I'm going out of town next week for a work conference in New Orleans. John will be in charge of the garden and I'm terrified! I've made him swear to me that he'll take care of the plants and check on them obsessively like I do. I'm so scared to leave them and am afraid they're all going to be dead when I get back. I've tuned into a crazy plant lady. Great.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pita Pizzas

I started making these back in the day when I was on WW. It's one of the few ways you can still eat some pizza (although you're only supposed to eat one of these at a time for about 6 pts I think).


What's great is that you can make them however you want. I used Whole Wheat Pita Flatbread for both. For one set I used red onion, bell pepper, tomato (both from my garden) and turkey pepperoni. I smeared on some pizza sauce, threw the toppings on with some mozzarella cheese.

For the second set I drizzled olive oil on the pita bread and smeared on some diced garlic and parmesan cheese. Then I put on some spinach, artichokes, tomatoes and chicken and topped with a little more parm and some mozzarella cheese.

Throw these in the oven at 425 until the cheese is nice and bubbly.



Monday, June 15, 2009


John loves to say things just to drive me crazy sometimes. Whenever he catches me blogging he goes into this high pitched girly voice, "Dear diary, I love John so much. He is the best husband ever." Tonight it was, "Dear blogosphere. It's been one whole day since I last saw you. John is so wonderful. He's so funny and makes me laugh all the time." Right after that one we saw a commercial for a new show on TBS with Dylan McDermott. I replied, "mmmmm.....Dylan McDermott." He responded with "Dear blogosphere. I love Dylan McDermott. He is so hot. He is just one big McTasty. I want to cut him up in little pieces and cover him in caramel sauce."

Other things he says:
Me: Hey babe. I've got bunco on Wednesday.
John: You're going to pay plinko with the girls?
Me: Bunco
John: Yeah, plinko. That game you play every month with the girls.
Me: Whatever

Later one sided conversation
John: Hey man wanna hang out on Wednesday?
John: Yeah, Faith's gonna play plinko with the girls.
John: Yeah, plinko, like from Price is Right.

The name for the plant out front is Plumbago.

John: Hey did you see I planted the plumbagel plant?
Me: You mean the plumbago?
John: Yeah. The plumbagel.
Me: Plumbago
John: How do you say it?
Me: Plumbago
John: Yeah, that's what I said. Plumbagel. Like Plum and Bagel. It's totally false advertising though. That plant doesn't grow plums or bagels.

Oh, and these have have all come out of his mouth in the past evening.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh Dooce

If you don't read Dooce you really should.

In fact go over there right now and read today's post. I almost died. My favorite part of the post was the last line: "If at all possible, could you please not play ventriloquist with my newborn baby." I about peed my pants.

The second post is also good reading if you want to learn about mucous plugs.

Things that annoy me at the gym

1. Inappropriate Gym Attire - the following list are things that I believe should not be at the gym:
  • Flip flops
  • Patent Leather Flats (can you imagine the smell later? Ew!)
  • Cargo pants/shorts (that's just a personal thing here)
  • Pajama pants - we're talking flannel plaid and snowflake pattern
  • Sagging - how is this still cool anymore? Really, no one wants to watch you pants drift further and further down while you run on the treadmill.

2. Perfume - yes you may have had it on earlier in the day. That's ok, but smelling like you just took a bath in it, not so much.

3. Too much makeup - we're not at the club honey, please don't look like you're going to one. I'm totally fine with the I've had it on all day and it's slightly faded, but no one needs to reapply before working out.

4. Same thing for number 3 goes to dangly hoop earrings. I guess if you're only walking .5 miles an hour on the treadmill there's no worry of them bopping you in the face or getting caught in something.

5. Smelly Farts - swear this has happened to me on more than one occasion. Guy on the machine next to me lets out a SBD. I thought I was going to die. Please take care of that issue before heading out.

6. Talking on cell phones - please leave all plan making, fights with your girlfriend, recaps of your night out partying in the parking lot. Thank you.

7. Unsupervised children under the age of 18 (I think I hate teens more than anything) I'm sorry your 8 year old is on the chubby side, but there's a YMCA down the street. Please take your child that repeatedly asks, "but WHY do I have to walk for 10 minutes" elsewhere.

8. The guy that is sweating buckets and dripping all over me. They're called towels. Bring one.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So either I lost my 5 pounds and was allowed to shop or I totally can't hold myself to any kind of deal. I'll let you make your own judgement.

First stop was Old Navy. The ONLY time I'm allowed to wear jeans is in the summer. However, I can't wear ACTUAL jeans, like the pant version. Only jean skirts. Weird. It's probably frowned upon for anyone above an admin position, but I don't care. I'm going to wear my jean skirts, but only on Friday's and not when I have a client meeting. (See what they've done to me?) So I got this cute skirt from Old Navy. On Sale. I never pay full price for anything by the way.

I also finally got my black hoodie in tall. (Since I purchased 3 items online it finally made the shipping worth it). I'm in love with this hoodie. It is the most perfect and best fitting hoodie I've ever owned.

I also go a new pair of workout pants. I prefer pants over capris because as a freakishly tall person I have issues wearing any kind of short pants. It's also been difficult to find long workout pants although I saw at Target they finally had some. I also prefer cotton over all other kinds of materials. So I was excited to see that they have some. The 2 pairs of pants I currently own I've had since college. I'm surprised they still fit, but I also noticed one pair is getting kind of see through in the crotch area. No bueno.

Then I went to Ann Taylor Loft. These 2 dresses I've been eyeballing finally went on sale and so did a skirt. I got this one:

I don't watch the show but because they're ALL OVER THE NEWS I kind of have no choice but to notice them at some point. But Kate had this same dress on. I thought it was interesting she shopped at ATL.

Got this one too

and then this skirt.

Yes, I've realized that I wear entirely too much black. Speaking of which, I also got this super cute dress at Target a few weeks ago. In black, go figure. I love that you can wear it different ways.

I almost (and might still) get it in purple. (Broadening my color horizons see?) My next excursion might be for some brighter tops or cardigans. I'll have to cover up some at work and my office's temperature could be compared to a meat locker so cardigans are a must for me.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Bits and Pieces

I planted new zucchini, squash and some green beans in the patio container garden. They're all starting to sprout. I'm most excited about the beans. 1. I don't know why I didn't plant them before and 2. they remind me of always trying to grow bean in a dixie cup on the window sill. Anyone else do that as a kid?

I need to take Reese to have a tooth looked at. It's one of the big back molars and it looks like hell. I don't know how. She had her teeth cleaned 6 months ago and I've been trying to get better about brushing them. I don't know how I didn't notice this gnarly looking tooth. Poor thing. I really hope she doesn't have to get it pulled. Then she'll look like poor little Riley who only chews on one side of his mouth.

Going back to the Dr. on Monday to have my knee looked at. Stupid thing has never stopped hurting! I wear a brace when I go to the gym (not as frequently as I once was) and I think that's helping a bit. However some of the stuff I've been reading about hypothyroidism is joint and knee pain so maybe that has something to do with it. I plan on asking her about it.

So I'm curious about this - I work in downtown San Antonio. Kind of on the south side of downtown San Antonio. The courthouse is on one side of my building and a homeless shelter is on the other. Getting the picture? I have to cross a major intersection to get to my car which is parked under a bridge (a major highway). I would say that on an almost daily basis I get some kind of cat call/honk from some creepy guy. Trust me. It's nothing to brag or write home about. They are CREEPY. Today this car was 3 cars deep at the stoplight and just started honking. Repeatedly. I don't usually look when I hear a honk (probably a bad practice in case it was some kind of actual emergency) but this kept up. For a second I thought the light had changed (I keep an eye on it when I walk as well as for oncoming traffic that likes to pull into the crosswalk sometimes). Nope, light was still red, but this guy kept on honking. Beep, beep. Beep, beep. Finally I kind of glance over thinking it must be someone I know. Nope. 2 guys in a Mustang (better than 8 guys in a pickup truck I guess). By now I'm already under the bridge and one of the guys starts yelling, "Hey! You're hot!" Beep, beep. "Hey hot stuff!" Beep, beep. "What's up?" Seriously? What is with guys like that? Do they really think I'm going to walk over and be all, "hey baby. Thanks for honking at me the whole time I walked across the street. Here's my number." Come on! Where do guys learn this crap? Surely there can't be THAT many girls that actually do walk over and encourage this behavior right?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


So I finally have a diagnosis as to why I've got a giant thyroid covered in a bunch of nodules. The good news is that one of two big nodules (one was actually large enough to be a goiter) is gone and the other one has significantly shrunk. Yay! As for the hypothyroidism, my levels weren't considered high yet, but had doubled since my appointment just 6 months ago. So that plus my other symptoms brought me to where I am. My Dr. decided to start me on a really low dose of Synthroid. I go in in 6 weeks for some additional blood work to see if the dosage is working. If it is I'm good for another 6 months. It's great to finally have some kind of answer for at least one of the crazy things that is going on with my body.

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