Thursday, May 07, 2009

Updates to Come

I've been a busy bee as usual, but Flickr is not being my friend for some reason. Anyone else having Flickr problems? It hasn't been wanting to upload all my pics and if I try to save a set it won't let me. Hopefully it'll work itself out soon.

This past weekend Misty and her BF came down to go to Susannah and Ken's wedding. Susannah was my DSP pledge brother and Misty was old school DSP already. Plus we ran into two other brothers that we hadn't seen in forever so it was a little DSP reunion. So lots of pics of all the fun we had will come soon.

Tuesday it was Julie's bday. Happy Birthday Julie! I punked out (she did too) and went to MixFest. Lots of pics of that and stories about stolen toilet paper and how I'm way too old to go to Pop Concerts.

Last night I went home smelling like babies. Yep. Hang around a couple of babies long enough and you'll go home smelling just like one. I went and saw Erin and adorable little Audrey last night after work. Audrey is doing great and is now 10, well 11 if you count today, days old. Erin had the fantastic Beth of Tip Toe Photography take pics of Audrey when she was just 4 days old. You can see how cute she is here. After that visit I went and saw Kandis, Greg and little Joshie. Josh is a big 'ol chunk. You just want to squeeze the pudding right out of him! They just closed on their first house and are literally a block and a half from where we live. Welcome to the hood guys! I have the feeling I may be going over there to steal their baby quite a bit. No. No baby fever. If anything, babies are still a great form of birth control.

Tonight we're going to this music night thing that my coworker invited us to. Plus I want to get John more involved in music. I figure if we're going to spend money on expensive guitar toys he had better start doing more than play for himself. Those that know John are probably surprised to hear that he's incredibly shy when playing in front of strangers. Friends and family are ok, but getting up in front of a room full of people is something he's not willing to do...yet.

Tomorrow we're going to go see this guitarist Ruben V. John went and saw him last week and had a lot of fun. The show was at 9 or 10 on a school night and like I mentioned above, I'm old.

Plus on Saturday **Insert Sarcasm Here** as my punishment for punking out on Julie's bday, she is FORCING me to go Bridesmaid dress shopping. Oh the torture!


  1. Love Ruben V! You'll have a great time!

  2. Stephanie - I must totally live under a rock because every time I mention "some guitarist named Ruben V" everyone is always, "OMG! I love him!"


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