Friday, May 01, 2009

To be good or not to be

So yesterday I came home and found a pretty big check with name name on it in the mail. It was a holy crap kind of moment when I saw that number. It came from my orthodontist (I do Invisalign in case you're wondering why you've never seen a mouth full of metal on me) and I actually had thought it was a bill or something. Nope. A check. A big one. With my name on it.

Of course the first thing that pops into my head are all the things I can buy with this check. I mean I have a whole list of stuff that I want for the house. Then I return to reason and think, what if this is some kind of mistake? What if I'm supposed to pass this on to my insurance company? A quick bit of searching (followed up with a phone call this morning to the ortho to confirm) shows that the check is mine. What happened is that when I went in for braces, they said it's going to be X amount. My insurance (like most) had a maximum for ortho benefits so I had to pay the remaining balance. The whole amount included things like office visits and new sets of retainers so once I had paid off the original amount I wouldn't owe them any additional money. Well last year I dropped my dental insurance to be on John's. (We're extremely lucky that both of our companies pay for our health insurance and I can be on his dental and vision for free. I also saved $25 a month by dropping mine). Well with the new plan I got a new ortho allowance and the amount on the check equaled the amount that had been paid so far. In fact, I'll probably get another check in about the same amount when the full maximum is hit.

So once I had this cleared up, I started thinking, well, I paid off my braces before John and I married so technically this check belongs to me. It was my money. We didn't' have communal money back then. (Not that I'll actually do this, but I'll probably hold it over John's head for awhile)

Now I'm torn between being responsible and not being responsible. This check should go into savings. It would also pay off a pesky credit card bill and we could use the payment money from that one to pay off something else. That would be the responsible thing to do. I could also live a little and divide it up a bit, a little something for me, a little something for John, the rest in savings or toward a credit card balance. But a big part of me wants to say "Screw you responsibility! I'm going shopping!"

Ugh. I hate being a grown up.


  1. Wow. Who doesn't love a random check in the mail? Especially a big one, with the potential for a second one!

    I say take a fourth of all the money you get back and spend it on yourself and put the rest toward the credit card. :)

  2. I don't think I've EVER gotten a random check in the mail--how awesome that must be!

    I agree with the previous comment to take a fourth of it and spend on yourselves--enough to feel like you splurged, but not so much that you can't use a big portion of it to pay down your debt!

  3. I will third the comment about spending a fourth of it. I know it must be hard- I'll be honest, I'd want to spend it. Yay for money!

  4. I'll be the buzzkill... Pretend you never saw it and pay debt! Or else you're just giving money away in the form of interest. Yeah I know, no fun.


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