Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Night Out, a Birthday and a Sandwich

Saturday night Virginia came down and paid me a visit. We got our group together and headed out to La Tuna. I've been there for drinks before, but had never eaten there. The food is AMAZING. I had the fish tacos with nopalitos and it was all delicious!


Here's me and John


The lovely ladies Becky, Virginia and Julie


We left La Tuna for Bar America only to find it closed. So we made a short stop at Rosario's for another drink before we made our way back. Hey - we were on the look out for cheap beer! See what $1.50 Lonestar does to a person?


Oh I love Virginia! Plus she has cute purses - isn't this one cute?


Me, Virg, and Sarah


Great thing about downtown San Antonio and hole in the wall bars - the local pizza places run around selling pizza at the end of the night.


After sleeping in on Sunday morning we got ready and headed over to John's brother's for his niece's birthday.


Don't you love how kids get so excited about things?


John and I made a stop at Walmart to buy some hardware for the floating shelves we're putting up in the bedroom. (He didn't think the one's that came in with the shelves were heavy duty enough). I was starving and looking for something to eat while John was in the ridiculously long checkout line. From across the store I hold up this monster sandwich jokingly at him, but he gets real excited about it so I say what the heck and come home with a huge sandwich.


It was plenty for two people


Yeah, we're dorks.

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