Friday, May 15, 2009


Last week I went to a concert that the local radio station was putting on. I lucked out that my super awesome friend Deanna was able to score tickets through her work and who can turn down free tickets from a super awesome friend? She's also my only friend from grad school. She's lucky I even hung out with her because she was a dork that did things like STUDY all the time. Ugh. Here she is at MixFest in all her dorkdom:


I kid, I kid! She's totally not a dork, but she did kick my ass in our random MBA course that we took together.

We got there a little late because unlike all the 12 years olds that were in attendance we had jobs that we had to be at until 5. So we missed The White Tie Affair and We the Kings. Not that I could name ANY of their songs, but whatever. I was at the concert they were at and that makes me as special as any 12 year old Emo girl.

We did get to see Kevin Rudolf.


I thought it was just one guy, turns out it's a whole band! Who could have known?

We also saw the Veronicas.


Again, I only knew one of their songs and of course it was the first song they played. Basically our night consisted of us standing around drinking while all the 12 years olds jumped around and sang along to songs we didn't know. We're so cool!

After the Veronicas we took a break to go and find a place sit because we're old and it was 100 degrees out. Because it was 100 degrees outside you'll find that I am not posting any pics of our group. Trust me you don't want to see them. We were all one big hot mess.

After a bit we refreshed our beverages and headed back to the crowd of screaming children to watch The Offspring. Now there's a band I know!


They started off with their new song that's all over the radio currently and for once EVERYONE knew a song. Then they went into some of their old school stuff like Pretty Fly (For a White Guy). For the first time all night the 12 year olds were silent while our group sang along and relived our high school days where we would rush home to catch the end of TRL.

Finally it was time for the "headliner" The All American Rejects. At least I know a few of their songs. Deanna loves them (it could have also been the maragarita talking, not sure) so I ended up with more pictures of them than the other bands.




We also saw this little 4 year old boy "raving." (Yeah, there were tons of kids there. I even saw some people with babies strapped to their chests.) His mom took him over to go "battle" with this older kid. It was hilarious!

This is a very crappy video of him taken on my camera. He's the two little glowing lights on the left. If you watch he'll actually slow down to go along with the music. SO CUTE!

All in all it was a fun evening! Except for the part when The All American Rejects stole all the toilet paper from the port-a-potties. Deanna and I had to beg one of the DJs to let us in to the VIP area to use their port-a-potty. It's a lot of fun explaining how one holds their drink, holds the door that doesn't lock, holds their purse, tries to keep their clothing out of the muck on the floor while hovering over a disgusting toilet while slightly intoxicated and in heels just so that she can try to pee without getting it all over herself and her surroundings (let's face it, port-a-potties aren't very stable) only to find out you have to "drip dry" to a radio personality.

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