Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I'm sooooo glad I took off on Tuesday and gave myself a 4 day weekend. It was MUCH needed.

Saturday I hung out with myself and started researching our upcoming headboard project. Did you know foam at one store was nearly $75, but at another it was only $25? Seriously. Same size, same everything. This is why project research is done. I've also settled on a fabric and now have to watch the sales so I can get everything I want at a cheaper price.

Saturday night John and I headed out and saw the Spazzmatics.




We didn't stay for the whole show because someone in our little party of two turned in to Mr. Cranky Pants and wanted to go home. It was fun while it lasted though.

Sunday we hung out all morning and then realized that it was 30 minutes until John's niece's birthday party. Aren't we the BEST Aunt and Uncle EVER? This is also what happens when your brother-in-law texts your hubs at 11pm on Saturday night to tell you that the bday party is on Sunday at 1pm. So the two of use double check the text to make sure it really is at 1 and while we're rushing out the door, now 30 minutes late to the party, we decide to check the message one more time to see if it's at the house or at the pool only to realize that the party is NEXT Sunday. Yeah, like I said, we're the best Aunt and Uncle EVER! So this coming Sunday we'll be at a child's birthday party. This time we'll at least have a present when we leave out house 30 minutes late.

On Monday we had a BBQ at the house. Julie and Karl came and so did florist Erin and her two kiddos. John I think had more fun with the two kids than anyone else. I've also come to the conclusion that John doesn't really want babies, he wants a couple of 8 year old boys that he can be buddies with. This of course turned into a whole discussion where he thinks if I don't physically carry the child and expel it from my body I won't actually like it, so my idea of adopting a couple of 8 year old kids isn't going to work. And people wonder why we still don't have kids...

Tuesday I went and visited Virgina in Austin. We had a delicious lunch at North by Northwest. Then we headed over to an amazing toy store called Toy Joy.

IMG_4993_ADJ, originally uploaded by Kendall Bruns.

They even have their own Flickr Group (which is where I got the above picture) that shows just how cool this store is.

Then we headed over to Strut, my new favorite clothing store that I only wish could be in San Antonio. They had some of the cutest stuff! The best part? Most of the tops were in the $30 range, not so bad for a cute top, but the shoes? All around $21! I almost died! I was good though and only left with a super cute clutch that I can somehow manage to fit both my camera and my cellphone in.

By then it was getting too late for me to head back home (Austin traffic is KILLER) so I decided to head over to my bro's house and visit him and the fam. Plus I hadn't seen his kiddos since Christmas and of course they've gotten to be gigantic.

This is Ben.


He had just woken up from his nap and wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with me. In fact, he took the long way around the room to get his juice cup and then sat there glaring at me for about 30 minutes. We eventually became friends though.


Then there is my niece Lizzie. Last time I saw her she was barely a month old. Now she's crawling and rolling and doin' those things that 6 month old babies do. You know, like chasing the cat.


After her nap she initially looked at me and immediately screamed, but we became friends too:


All in all pretty good weekend.

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  1. I can't WAIT to see the headboard project. It's been on my to-do list for awhile, but I've never QUITE gotten around to it.


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