Thursday, May 07, 2009

Almost forgot

I have a tomato that is turning red! Yep! As in almost ready to pick and eat! My very first tomato/vegetable is ready! The thing is, I don't know when I can pick it. It currently looks like the one in the bottom left (of the colored ones, not the green ones) of the picture below. I bet tonight when I get home it will look like the bottom right. Do I wait until it looks like the top right? Or should it look like one of the bottom ones and I can let it sit around and ripen? Does it really matter? It's already a little squishy too. Help me out here people! I don't want to kill my very first tomato!


  1. You can pick it early and let it ripen if you want, but I'd wait until it's nice and red. It will probably taste better that way. (Not that I'd know since I don't even like them)

  2. I'm totally jealous. I don't even have the starts of tomatoes yet, let alone any red ones!


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