Saturday, April 11, 2009

When Critters Attack!

The critters don't seem to have appeared again in my lawn, but they did at my neighbor's - I noticed it today when I was out working in the yard. Then when I went to get the mail this afternoon I saw that the critters had also attacked the yard of the people that live across the street from us. Very interesting. We've yet to figure out what it is. The holes aren't like tunnels so it's not a mole or vole or prairie dog or anything like that. I do think that we have grubs in our yard (or so some guy trying to sell me lawn care package sometime last year said). According to Google, grubs are very large right now and are heading back up towards the surface. Most grubs turn into June Bugs - also called May Bugs because that's the time of year that they appear. Because they're so large they're hard to kill right now, but I will treat for them in July/August when the June Bugs come back to lay their eggs. I'm hoping the critters have taken care of most of them in my lawn though. If the grub theory is correct (no I did not dig a hole in my yard to see if they're there. I don't like creepy crawly things) then it's definitely a skunk, opossum or raccoon doing the damage.

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