Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My first attempt at gardening

I started the garden about a month ago. I don't have the space in the backyard to plant an actual garden and the dogs would probably find a way to get in a destroy it. I guess they could fertilize it with their poop or something, but yeah, not my thing. So I did a TON of research on Container Gardening. Then I headed off to Home Depot and bought some little starter plants. I used a brand called Bonnie Plants. (The site is also a fantastic gardening resource) What's great about them is that they offer a wide variety of bush plants that are great for container gardening. So my tomatoes and my cucumbers are all bush varieties. I think my squash might be, but I'm not sure. We'll see! The plants also come in peat pots that you break up and use in your soil.

Just 2 days after getting everything planted we had 40 degree weather and rain. Not good for my little plants. 2 of my tomato plants caught some kind of "thing". The good news is that it's not spreading and the plants have grown. I also happened to take pictures a few days after the rain and again tonight so I have some before and afters just over 2 weeks apart.

The two that cut the "bug" are the same type, but the 3rd one is a different variety and was doing just fine after the cold, nasty weather. It even had a few flowers.

Now the two "sick" ones are huge with a lot of flowers

The one that stayed healthy hasn't grown very much, but does have a little tomato growing and a bunch of flowers still.

I also have cucumbers

We had another little spout of cool weather and rain and the cucumbers seem to have suffered a bit, hopefully they'll keep growing and looking good.

One of my squash plants I think is doing great. It's gotten a little yellow so I moved it to get more sun.

The other suffered a bit right after planting and with the first bout of cold weather, but is doing great now.

Two weeks ago my 3 pepper plants looked like this and all I had were flowers on one plant.

Now I have one bell pepper that is about an inch and a half long and two little ones starting on another plant.

After the freeze I decided I decided I really wanted zucchini. I planted some seeds and after two weeks they look great.

Hopefully I'll continue to have luck with all the plants. I do have a black thumb so I'm really surprised they're doing so well.

As the plants have gotten bigger I've had to move them around so they can each get sun. They're slowly taking over the patio, but that's fine! It means they're growing!


  1. It is sooo rewarding! You'll love it!

  2. I am so proud of you Faithy! Keep an eye on those plants to make sure John doesn't get a gardening itch!

  3. I'm so impressed! Now I'm thinking that I should have started with bushes rather than seeds--mine aren't even CLOSE to producing veggies!


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