Monday, April 13, 2009

Before I Move On

to all the other things I've been up to - Stephanie is back!

On Wednesday we met up at Houlihan's to welcome Stephanie back from her work gig in California. Here she is throwin' out all the gang signs she learned while she was there.


(Notice that John spelled blood?)

The whole group was there: Spack and Becky


Me and Erin


John of course was left to play with the girls all by himself (after Stephanie's man went to work)


The only person missing from the fun was Julie. Why? Because she went and saw Dooce. I'm not sure if I'm ever going to get over it either. For those that don't know Dooce aka Heather Armstrong you should really check out her site. You'll find it hilarious. If you don't understand why Julie going to see a blogger is that big of a deal think of it like this: Say you find this super awesome band. One day you decide to tell your friend about the super awesome band. You're all, "Dude! You TOTALLY have to check out this super awesome band. They freaking rock!" For over a year the two of you talk about your new favorite super awesome band. Then one day you find out that your friend secretly went and saw that super awesome band and didn't tell you she was going. Your friend even got to meet the band, stick her boobs in the lead singer's face and have them sign something for her. **Gasp** One day I'll get over it. :)

Anyways, welcome back Stephanie! We missed you and it's nice to have someone to spar and be bitchy with!


  1. Bummer on missing out on Dooce, but it looks like you had a fine time anyways! :)

  2. LOL, yes, did die laughing. I don't think you really care that I got to meet her or own her signature. I think you're really jealous that I got to stick my boobs in her face.

    Much love.


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