Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bakerella is Evil!

I had heard of Bakerella, but just hadn't gone over to her site. I tend to avoid food blogs because they're full of evil delicious goodness. Then Bakerella had to go and meet Pioneer Woman and I was tricked in to discovering her fabulous cupcake bites. I was able to hold back until I saw them on Kristal's blog. Tricked again! After that I knew I HAD TO HAVE THEM. As if this wasn't enough I made the mistake of showing them to a coworker and we just kept coming up with different variations of them and I REALLY HAD TO HAVE THEM. I should send all of you people a bill for the personal trainer sessions I'm going to need after these!

I decided on a chocolate cake with cream cheese filling. For the bottoms I used both chocolate and peanut butter. Yum!

So you don't have to get sucked into the wonderfulness that is Bakerella I'll give you the lowdown here.

Start off with a sheet cake. Bakerella says Red Velvet, but I'm wild and crazy and did chocolate.


Bust it up once it's nice and cool. Ignore your husband and your dad that say you're crazy and don't know how to ice a cake. Kick them out of the kitchen when they request your mom to come in and stop whatever it is you're trying to do to the cake.


Dump in a tub of cream cheese icing.


Oh yeah, looks good. Resist the urge to hide in a dark closet and attack it all with a big spoon.


Then roll these in to balls.


Throw these into the fridge or freezer and let them firm up.

Melt your choice of bottom. In this picture I used peanut butter wafers. I also used baker's chocolate for some of them. I melted it in a measuring cup and dumped it into a squeeze bottle. Squeeze.


Don't squeeze too hard or you end up like this. Try not to lick the tray clean.


Take the balls out and stick them into your chocolate or peanut butter.


Throw this back into the fridge and let them firm up. Then pop them out of the molds and stand back in awe of your yummy creations.


Melt some more chocolate - you choice of flavor or color (I got the colors and the peanut butter at Michael's and the Baker's Chocolate at the grocery store) and dip these bad boys in there. Sorry no picture, but you want to make sure that you get the ball covered. This proves difficult when you're holding chocolate and dipping it into hot chocolate and your chocolate that your holding starts to melt or gets all gooey and starts to slip and falls in to your giant thing of chocolate. Then you have to fish it out with a spoon and shove it into your mouth so no one knows that you EVER made a mistake. Or not really....

Once you've mastered the procedure or are ready to throw up from eating your mistakes you end up with cute little cupcake bites. Throw some sprinkles and or an M&M or whatever you want and shove them back into the fridge.


Take them to work the next day because BTW this recipe makes like 60 and you want to be as evil to your coworkers as these things are going to be to your thighs. Also save one or two for when your crazy coworker that has never ever been to your office shows up asking for more. Make jokes that they're full of crack instead of yummy chocolate/peanut butter goodness and that having your bosses fail a drug test is your new strategy for moving up the corporate ladder.


  1. Okay, guess what I'll be trying to do this weekend! Faith = Evil Bakerella Jr.

    How did you get your chocolate pink?

  2. I think I'm going to take the Oreo Truffle route on this and convince myself that these would just be WAY too difficult to make! Or, I'll try at least.

  3. My friend made me these for my bridal shower and I graciously took them home. I think I had to fast for a week so I could fit into my dress! Oh, how I love/hate Bakerella!

  4. Ummmm, so glad I didn't give in to Bakerella. I'd be in serious trouble.

  5. Lauren - I bought colored wafers. You can get them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. I also wondered if I could just put some food coloring into the white chocolate but didn't try it. It would have been cheaper than the little bags of wafters.

    Meredith - I actually through oreo truffles were more work than these! Those suckers were a PITA! These have more steps, but you kind of get into a groove. I also did 3 small batches than all 60 at once though.

  6. Um, I do believe you are the evil one at this point!

  7. You rock!! Yours are way better than mine - so perfect! Mine looked kinda sloppy. Way to go girl!


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