Sunday, April 05, 2009

Baby Bake

Saturday night was homecoming at St. Mary's, we all call it Baby Bake. It's like a mini-preview for Oyster Bake happening in a few weeks, but strictly for alumni and current students. Virginia came down to visit and so did Rosa and Brandon. I love Baby Bake because it's my chance to run in to people I went to school with and don't get to see but once a year anymore.


This is part of my old crew. Virginia is my D&B BFF. We went to St. Mary's at the same time, but didn't know eachother, then she transferred schools. She also worked at Pappasitos, but that was after I was there. Eventually we would meet at D&B.

Then there's Rosa. Rosa put up with me for 4 years in the dorm. I used to sleep on top of her every night (bunk beds!).

Finally, there's Tati. She lived across the hall from us in the dorms our 1st and 2nd years. She just got engaged on Thursday to our friend Paul that we also went to school with. Congrats guys!

The best thing about Baby Bake? All food on a stick! Food just tastes better when it's eaten off a stick.


and turkey legs. Yummmm......


John has this rule that when we arrive we must get tickets, followed by chicken on a stick, followed by beer. Once all of this is in hand I am allowed to drag him around the bake and talk to whoever I want. This year he also lucked out that he had Virginia to talk to while I reminisced about my Innsbruck days and how we need to set up a 10 year reunion trip. Watch out Austria!

After we had our fill of food we headed over to the Saucer for beers.




Lots of drinking followed by sleeping in until 10:30 on Sunday and a 3 hour nap that afternoon made for a pretty good weekend!

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  1. You always take such good pictures....


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