Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Container Garden Update

My little container garden is growing like crazy! It went from this:

to this:


Look at how huge my tomato plants have gotten


Well aside from that one at the end. It has the most tomatoes though.


The other two are doing pretty great as well.


I also have 3 bell peppers


My zucchini plant has gotten huge


and very soon it will have flowers


my squash plants have already flowered


and I have some baby squash plants growing


My cucumber plant has gone crazy! Turns out it's the vine kind and not the bush kind like I thought. I had to add a trellis and I'm going to get one more. I'm not sure if I will stick with this one, it's just what I had in the garage.


Hopefully my luck with gardening will continue to go well and I'll have some vegetables to pick soon!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Knee Pain

A little over a month ago I started having pain in my right knee. I didn't think much of it at first. It mainly only hurt when I was doing certain exercises - squats and lunges. I switched to lower impact cardio, the trainer showed me some new stretches and I took it easy on the leg workout for a week or so. I even rested it completely for about a week. Despite the changes, it kept hurting. I scheduled an appointment with my Dr. She thought it was probably only inflammation and gave me some heavy duty anti-inflammatory meds, told me to ice it every day, and a list of exercises to do and not to do. She told me I needed to work on strengthening my quads to help me stabilize my knees better. 2 weeks later and my knee is worse. It hurts to stand, it hurts to sit, it hurts to bend it, going up and down stairs blows. It even hurts to sit on the toilet! (Thinking of investing in an old person's toilet seat) If I ice it I'm usually good for an hour or so and then it starts hurting again. It's not painful, it's more of a dull ache that gets aggravated if I leave it in a certain position for too long. I had an X-Ray of Friday and was told that there were no abnormalities. Now I'm moving on to the MRI once my insurance approves it. Fun times. I just hope I didn't do something to royally screw up my knee. I haven't had any swelling and it's not really tender when you press on it, it just hurts. :(

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oyster Bake

Thursday night was the kickoff for Fiesta here in San Antonio. It's a 10 day celebration of all food on a stick. Well, not really, but that's what John would tell you. The real reason behind the celebration can be found at the link above.

We generally don't go all out for Fiesta. In fact, I have yet to be to one of the parades! When I was at St. Mary's I lived on campus. This pretty much means that for 2 days during Fiesta the campus was on lock down. Seeing as how over 80,000 people visit your tiny college campus in 2 days, it's kind of necessary. It also means that it's impossible to get off campus and hey - you gotta eat - so you go to Oyster Bake!

Oyster Bake and NIOSA are my two favorite and must attend Fiesta events. Because food on a stick is surprisingly expensive (especially when you add in a ton of beer) John and I usually only go to one or the other. This year (and because we were beer booth volunteers) we went to Oyster Bake.

IMG_2362Here is some of the fun we had:

Beer Slingin'




Working a beer booth plus rain the previous night equals dirty feet

Then there is the FOOD!


Chicken on a stick is a must have!

Three more must haves!

Can't forget Sausage on a Stick

All the beer a food you've consumed makes you think that you've landed yourself here:

and just when you think you can't consume anything else you discover this place:

They sell these wonderful things:


Yes, that one on the left - It has pieces of sausage in EVERY layer!

You bet your sweet ass I ate one! Without sausage, seasoned salt flavored, and I was nice and shared with John.

Before things get too crazy you take the "sober pictures" with all your friends:




Then when you're sitting around and digesting someone gives you a beer hat!

and your husband goes crazy with jealousy

everyone loves a beer hat!




It starts to get late and you realize you're hungry so you go after some frito pie

some roasted corn

IMG_2399and a fajita taco

The crowds have gone from this:

to this:

The hubs starts throwin' gang signs

You give a cheer to the guy that let you volunteer in the beer booth

Pose for a quick picture taken by the most sober person you can find (which is a challenge at this point)

and then you realize that you have tickets still and need to spend them on something. So you end up here:

They lock you into this:

and away you go!

and everyone goes home full, drunk and happy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

For Emily

Emily and Jordan were in town this weekend and we met them up at the Saucer on Friday night. Emily said she really wanted to make the blog. Not one to let a friend down - here she is!

I love hanging out with these two - they're hilarious! They're also the 2nd couple I ever married, the first ones to almost made me cry while conducting a ceremony, and the only couple whose wedding I was late to, both times.

We had some very interesting conversations regarding circumcisions and roast beef. Yeah, most does not need to be said ever again! Then the power went out. Interesting night.

and just because lately a post that mentions John is not complete with him throwin' a "gang sign" here he is:

at least he moved on from blood to peace.

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