Friday, March 27, 2009

The Weigh In

So last night was the final appointment with my trainer. John said I could get more sessions if I want, I'm just not sure if I can justify the cost. We'll see. We can definitely afford it at the moment or we could be responsible and pay down some debt, but I guess taking care of your health is also being responsible right? Hmmm....we shall see.

So last night I got to get on the scale, have my body parts measured and my fat pinched. Not fun at all. My weight, which I think is some kind of total fluke because I know that I have lost weight, says I gained 3 pounds. Both the trainer and I were really surprised by this. According to my weekly Wednesday morning home weigh ins, I've lost 5 pounds. Who knows, but I'm not worried about this anyways. I really don't care how much I weight, I care about fitting into my clothes properly. No more muffin tops for me!

As for my measurements. I went down a whole inch in my waist! Yay! 1/2 an inch in my chest, 3/4 of a inch in my hips, 1/2 on my arms and 1/4 in my thighs (they need some work still). My calves went up a 1/4 or a 1/2 inch, but that's good. Overall this is pretty fantastic.

Now to the fat pinching (yes, I use some REAL technical terms here). I don't remember the actual numbers, but my back fat stayed the same, my arms and my stomach went down a whole bunch, so much that she didn't really believe it and had to pinch them both twice. So that's good! My thigh I think stayed the same or went down just a little bit, I can't remember. I can't remember if we pinched anything else. I think that's it. I should know my BMI next time I see her. Let's just hope it's a few points lower than it was last time. Last time it was not good.

Overall I'm really happy with my results. We've kept a journal of my workouts so I now have a handy little guide to go by when I'm working out on my own. Let's just hope that I can do it!


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