Monday, March 16, 2009

Once again, I'm blind

So around this time last year I lost my fancy contacts and thought about going back to regular old contacts. You can read about that here and here. You can also find out more about the procedure called corneal molding or ortho-k here.

Well I had to go in for an exam recently and found out my Dr. had sold his practice. The appointment cost was insane so I decided to go somewhere else. (I found out later my old Dr. has supposedly been chased out of the country by threats of lawsuits and also ran off with one of his assistants, yeah....) I also decided that I wasn't going to do the procedure anymore and would return to regular contacts. I had to do a lot of research to find a Dr. that is familiar with the procedure and what is going to go on with my eyes now that I'm going back to regular contacts.

My reasons for doing this are mainly because of my night vision. I'm blind. Like BLIND. As in I've never been able to see the big E on the eye chart, I can't see my alarm clock in the morning, let alone really know if that man next to me in bed is really my husband. I'm currently at a -7.5 and -9 in my eyes. Because of how bad my vision was, I really shouldn't have done the ortho-k. You'll see on the website that it only recommends a -6. Yeah, I was 3 steps above that. This explains why I couldn't see by the end of the day. My new eye Dr. also thinks that my old Dr. was trying to overcorrect my vision. Fanfreakingtastic.

So I went from having perfect vision to -9 in about 3 weeks. It's been a crazy, crazy three weeks. I still have a few more exams to go but it's nice that the change has finally slowed down. I'm kind of tired of going in and hearing them exclaim, "Wow! Your vision is REALLY BAD." Yeah, you said that last week, and the week before and it's only going to get worse...


  1. Save your money and go for Lasik. Jason did it before we were together and it was the best thing he says he's ever done. His vision was as bad as yours, too!

  2. Oh I would love to get Lasik. I've heard that you have to have so many years without your vision changing to do it though. Mine previously had changed every year, at least one whole step too. I'll have to stick this out awhile longer and get my eyes back to normal. Then hope that it stays the same for awhile or doesn't get so bad that I don't even qualify. Ugh.

  3. I know what you mean. My mom has had to wait forever to get cataract surgery because her eyes keep changing too! Oh, the joys of getting old! :)

  4. I admire you. I need to go back to the eye-doctor's because I know my prescription has changed, but I have such a SERIOUS eye doctor phobia that I am honestly not sure I can do it. I really think I might need Xanax in order to go!

  5. Really Meredith? An eye doctor phobioa? Is it from when they blow the air in your eye? I could understand the dentist, but the eye Dr? Of course I love going to the Dr. - any kind, except maybe the one that looks at my down under.

  6. Ugh, I feel your blindness pain! I'm -7 and -8 and if the world was black & white I'd never be able to tell anything without contacts.

    Meredith - I went to the eye doctor at 281 & 1604 Eyemasters and I was in and out sooooo quick. They didn't hurt me at all :o)

  7. Hey Faith! I found you blog! :) I thought I was the only crazy person on this Earth who tried the ortho-K! I did it for three years and it NEVER worked. I went to the dr. every month or so to have them adjust the lenses because I could never see by the end of the day. And besides that, they freakin hurt to wear! I cried almost every night when I put them on, but I'm pretty wimpy anyway. After getting three eye infections in a span of a few months and the remedy to my blindness being "have someone drive you around," I stopped using the lenses. After seeing a new eye doctor, they told me that I should never have been a candidate for the Ortho-k becuase my prescription was so bad and I have soft corneas. TIt was nice of them to tell me that before I stared and paid $3000! I waited 9 months for my prescription to stabilze and then had Lasik, which has been the biggest life changer ever!


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